Olin leaves Luma de Oliveira’s house, shares an apartment with his girlfriend and moves out of the family

After Olin has been dating Patricia Moreira for a year, he decided to join her while brushing his teeth. The DJ left his mother Luma de Oliveira’s house in Jardim Pernambuco to live with the model in an apartment in S Elimo Conrado, also in the south zone of Rio.

Olin lived on the second floor of Luma’s house, where he spent most of his time, but decided to have more privacy with Patricia. Friends say the two are married. She is the mother of a boy, the result of her relationship with the singer Igor Adamovich.

People close to Olin also say that he is away from his family, but attaches importance to visiting his mother whenever he can. He is rarely seen with his father and with his brother Thor, with whom he was very close, the relationship is cordial, they say. The boy did not appear at the revelatory tea of his first nephew, which took place last weekend in the south, Casa de Lunara Campos.

Soon after starting dating Patricia, Olin moved away from social media and his girlfriend did the same. Both Instagram profiles have been deactivated. In February, he was photographed in a rare appearance at a dinner with guests, and the DJ looked completely different. At 27, Olin was more bearded and shaggy and almost went unnoticed by the paparazzo.

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