One Piece loses the Crown on Netflix after it did Homework and Renewed for a Second season

Netflix’s audience charts are cyclical and it’s not often that a movie or series tops the top 10 for a long time. There are, of course, rare exceptions, but the most common one is that after a week or two the audience directs interest to other content. The format of compulsive premieres makes the achievements of such series as One Piece seem like something small, but they are not.

The adaptation of the work of Eiichirō Oda (Oda Eiichirō) dominated the English-language top-10 series on Netflix for three weeks, collecting enough views for the platform to extend it for a second season.

However, this week the news conquered the top positions of the charts, relegating One Piece to an honorable third place.

Nevertheless, the Netflix original series continues to record solid figures: 6.2 million views in the week between September 18 and 24.

One Piece takes over Netflix, but will Return

As I said, current events tend to prevail, and last week Netflix brought two series ready to take the crown from one piece : Sex Education and the Murdaughs: Death and Scandal in South Carolina .

Sex education prevailed with the encouragement that the fourth season will be the last of the British Netflix original : 12 million views in four days .

The second season of The Murdaughs: Death and Scandal in South Carolina shows that true crime is still an enormously valuable asset on Netflix: 7.6 million views in five days .

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Of course, One Piece fans should not worry too much about the fact that Luffy and his company are stepping down after the renewal of the series. It is very likely that the new adventures of the pirates will regain the throne when they return to Netflix with their second season.

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