OnePlus Open: all the news and rumors about the company’s first folding device

In February 2023, OnePlus officially announced that it would enter the foldable market later this year. Obviously, the screen technology has advanced by leaps and bounds since 2020, when CEO Pete Lau said on The Vergecast that the technology was not mature enough for the company to enter the market. OnePlus has also changed a lot in the three years since; the company is now much more closely integrated with the parent company Oppo and has effectively become its sub-brand.

The foldable OnePlus, which would be called OnePlus Open, is presented as a collaboration between OnePlus and Oppo and will bear the name of the sub-brand in some markets and the Oppo brand in others. Oppo is no stranger to the foldable market, having launched several generations of Find N devices since 2021.

all the rumors and announcements about the foldable debut of OnePlus.

A (partial) preview of the foldable OnePlus in person.Unbox Therapy has released an early unboxing of the next device and interviewed CEO Pete Lau. Although the unboxing only offers a limited view of the foldable device (after all, OnePlus has many more announcements to reveal before the launch), it offers a good view of how it can be folded flat.

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