Original sin: weekly preview of the Turkish series from October 9 to 13

In the midst of a web of intrigue and confrontation, Halit is determined not to remain silent in the face of Nadir’s movements in ‘original sin’. In his quest for victory, Halit manages to win a decisive trump card against Nadir, which seems to change the course of their confrontation. However, Nadir does not stand idly by and counters the offensive of Halit. To the surprise of the latter, Nadir receives help from an unexpected source, which further complicates the situation.

Meanwhile, Yildiz and Ender team up to get rid of the Sahika and regain control of the Argun companies. However, her plan completely breaks down and puts her in a precarious situation. Sahika’s anger at Ender’s betrayal causes her to come up with a revenge plan against Ender and put certain obstacles in Yildiz’s way.

Zehra loses brother Halit Can in the park

In an unexpected twist, Sahika, seeing that Ender is not following her orders, decides to kidnap Yigit as a threat. Faced with Ender’s despair over her son’s disappearance, she confides in Kaya and reveals that she was blackmailed by Sahika. Kaya agrees to continue to pretend to Sahika that she does not know anything, and to help Ender find the video in which Yigit attacks her. Once Sahika has achieved her goal of terrorizing Ender, she frees Yigit. The latter, grateful for everything that his parents did for him, for the first time calls them “father” and “mother”.

Ender, in a last desperate attempt to stop Sahika, again seeks Yildiz’s help. Together they forge a trick to prove that Sahika and Nadir were secretly seeing each other and plotting against Halit. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this turmoil, Zehra takes advantage of Yildiz’s absence to take Halit Can to the park. However, when she returns home, she realizes that she brought the wrong baby with her. With determination, Zehra manages to locate Halit Can and bring him home without anyone discovering the mess.

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