Oscars: Jordan selects ‘Inshallah a Boy’ as best international Feature film

Jordan has submitted Amjad Al-Rasheed’s women’s drama about inheritance rights, Inshallah a Boy, as the best international Feature film at the 96th Academy Awards.

The film made history earlier this year when it became the first Jordanian feature film to premiere at Cannes when it was selected for the parallel section of Cannes Critics’ Week.

It won the Gan Foundation Award for Distribution and invested $ 21,000 in distribution costs in France.

Greenwich Entertainment acquired the U.S. distribution rights for the film ahead of its North American premiere at TIFF earlier this month.

The drama is set in Amman and stars Muna Hawa as a young, newly widowed woman who, due to Jordan’s anachronistic inheritance laws, risks losing the house she paid for with her late husband.

Faced with the pressure of her in-laws and the low support of the wealthy family, where she works as a caregiver for her elderly grandmother, she decides to fight back.

The film was inspired by the experiences of the women in Al-Rasheed’s environment.

Other artists include Haitham Al-Omari, Salwa Naqqara, Yumna Marwan, Mohammed AI-Jizawi and Eslam Al-Awadi.

The film is produced by Imaginarium Films with the support of the Royal Film Commission – Jordan (RFC).

Jordan’s relatively young film industry began submitting films for the Oscars in 2008.

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His previous contributions include Amin Matalqa’s captain Abu Raed (2008), Naji Abu Nowar’s Theeb (2015), Mai Masri’s 3000 Nights (2016), Ameen Nayfeh’s 200 Meters, Mohamed Diab’s Amira and Darin Sallam’s Farah.

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