Oslo: Why It’s Worth Visiting In The Fall

You have found tickets at a good price for the Norwegian capital and would like to know if it is worth visiting in the fall? The answer is yes! It is worth visiting Oslo before the temperature drops more and more. After all, October and November are ideal months for a city break, as long as you flee to European capitals just before the arrival of the festive and cold December.

The fact that Oslo is a relatively small capital makes it ideal for walks even on the wettest or coldest autumn days and it is very easy and fast to walk from one place to another. Therefore, while the climate is still mild, the capital of Norway is an ideal proposal for a weekend or a three-day excursion.

While the city is slowly preparing for winter, nature on the outskirts of the capital wears its autumn colors of orange, red, green, brown and yellow. The mountainous regions are especially beautiful at this time of year and many Norwegians go hiking with their family in the mountains or forests on weekends during the autumn holidays in October.

But autumn is also the ideal time for visits to museums and art spaces, both because the audience is much smaller and you can enjoy exhibitions and museums without large queues, and because at this time new shows usually start again in the theater . on the lyrical stage , but also the first concerts after the summer.

Oslo: Why It's Worth Visiting In The Fall

What to do in Oslo in the autumn?


After leaving the central station and taking your first short walk through the Bj7rvika neighborhood, head to the harbor early to see the Oslofjord before the crowds move in. Right there you will find the three most impressive buildings in the city: the Munch Museum, the city library and the opera house . It’s time to discover Oslo! Calculate your time and visit all three!


Also on the opposite bank you will notice some small wooden docks with matching wooden houses. Here, if you are brave enough, is the next place to experience the ultimate Norwegian autumn experience! We are talking about the famous sauna! Wooden houses, which are additionally located on the water. The logic here is a sauna, a bath in the cool waters of the fjord and everything from the beginning. The process is invigorating and is part of everyday life for Norwegians all year round.

Tours and stops in cozy cafes.

Autumn is also ideal for walks in the streets of the center. Take a coffee in one hand and a cinnamon roll in the other and take a walk through the central pedestrian zone Karl Johan Gate , your very own Hermou. On the way you will see the impressive Parliament building, numerous cafes, the town hall building and the National Museum.

The two completely opposite quarters

If the weather is good, you should visit both different neighborhoods of the city to understand how the ancient and Moderna coexist in the same city. I’m talking about the neighborhood with the typical Norwegian wooden houses, Damstredet and Telthusbakken streets, where they are located next to the Akerselva River and give you the image of Oslo 250 years ago.

On the contrary, the territory of Aker Brygge is the definition of Moderna ! Area known for its pier, where restaurants with outdoor tables serve dishes of Scandinavian cuisine, but also more relaxed and casual versions. Ferries to the picturesque Oslofjord depart from here all year round. A little further away is the impressive Moderna Art Museum, Astrup Fearnley.


If you do not have time to leave the city, a walk to the Akershus fortress is mandatory. A medieval castle that is located in the center of Oslo (right next to the Oslofjord) and will take you to other eras. In good weather, this hike is even more beautiful at sunset. Another interesting stop is the Vikeland Sculpture Park and nature and art together. Do not miss it, even if it is half an hour from the center by tram!

Where to eat cheap in Oslo?

And because all this is good, but a fasting bear… don’t dance! Since Norway, and Oslo in particular, is expensive, I discovered the most interesting and affordable street food markets that will do the least harm to your pocket and give you strength to continue your walks in Oslo!

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