Otavio Mesquita Opens The Safe And Buys A Million Dollar Boat. Pictures!

A small special gift for the month of October: journalist, businessman and presenter Otosexvio Mesquita adds a new object to his collection: The Focker 366 GTS ship, manufactured by the prestigious Fibrafort Shipyard, one of the largest in South America. The acquisition occurred during the 26th edition of the S Elimo Paulo Boat Show and according to the manufacturer the ship costs R $ 1,608,000.

The Focker 36-foot-long 366 GTS impresses with its Moderna design and has luxurious features such as a suite and a comfortable half-ship bed, as well as a large gourmet area. Ot a vio Mesquita spoke of his happiness with his” new toy”: “having a boat is an old dream. I discovered several brands during the event, but the Fibrafort models drew my attention to their Moderna design, finishes and Technology. I am very pleased with my new boat. It is perfect for sailing with my friends and family in Guarujá.”


The Focker 366 GTS can accommodate up to 14 people during the day and 4 passengers at night. It is characterized by its high ceilings of 1.92 meters, two beds (bow and half ship) and a cabin equipped with double bed, TV, microwave and curtain to ensure privacy. The gourmet area has a sink, a cutting board and a barbecue, optionally with benches and a bottle of champagne. There is also a seat for two people with a folding backrest, which can be turned into a solarium next to the gourmet room.

The cockpit provides interaction between the environments and includes a bar with a faucet, a sink, an electric induction cooker, a refrigerator with a cooling plate, as well as a combined refrigerator and Brewer. The passage to the Bow is internal and lowered to provide greater safety for passengers. For music enthusiasts, the boat is equipped with speakers, radio and Bluetooth connection, which allows control via smartphone.

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