Pablo Motos Reveals In ‘El Hormiguero’ Tamara Falc’s Biggest Fear In Her Marriage To The

The presenter revealed the spontaneous gesture that the Marquise de Gri9 made when she said ‘Yes, yes’, and this confirms that she also had doubts about whether she would finally get married on her wedding day.

Tamara Falcao admitted that she had to overcome many obstacles before saying yes to Juvissigo Onieva and that there are many setbacks that are still unknown. But she did not make them public, for fear it would be said that his marriage was not successful. Some are ‘vox populi’, such as the infidelity of her boyfriend, who became known a day after the announcement of their engagement; the problem he had after Sophie et Voil Valuetech found his wedding dress, broke his contract with her; the theft of the jewelry that some of the wedding guests would wear; Not to mention that the truck with the wedding shoes burned down, and you had to look for others a few days before the wedding. Even in the middle of the ceremony, the signs continued to appear: as if one of the priests conducting the mass had his cassock burned .

Tamara has always been positive in the face of these setbacks, she even lost her alliance and did not seem to care – but repentance occurs and this was confirmed by Isabel Preysler’s daughter during the meeting ‘El Hormiguero’ Antena 3. You didn’t say more about the wedding, for fear if you said she was unlucky, but they happened, didn’t they? Pablo Motos asked him. The TV post confirmed that yes, many more things have happened. The thing on the truck with my shoes had exploded and 65% of it was burned… even the messengers were amazed, because this had never happened to them before . “It was an obstacle course, but I brought other shoes, nothing happens either,” he said.

It was then that Motos asked Tamara for permission to tell a detail of the ceremony, which shows how Tamara released all the tensions that had been accumulating for months. I think it justifies what they went through until they got to the wedding and when they got married and the priest declared them husband and wife, they turned around and made a gesture with their arm (as if they had made it), the presenter revealed.

Did I do that? Said Tamara surprised and showed that it was something completely spontaneous. Of course, it was very difficult to get there, the whole of Spain knows this. At the end of the day, my husband and I had to fight a lot. Already 3 days before, you will have doubts and nerves about all the things that are coming to you, the Marquise of Gri Elimn admitted.

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