Pablo Motos Tells In El Hormiguero The Limits He Has With His Partner

Pablo Motos revealed what he would never forgive in a relationship. This Tuesday, October 3rd, Blanca su Extraterrez and Enric Auquer visited ‘El Hormiguero’ to present the latest project in which they co-star: ‘I’ve gone viral’. A film that explores the consequences that a viral video can have on the life of an anonymous person. Could the actors look at the phones of their partners, as Blanca Suarez does in the movie? Pablo Motos gave an example of how strict he is in this regard.

I’m not going to tell you what my wife told me the other day, because anyway! I have so much respect for their things that I don’t know where they are. I think every member of the couple must have their place and secrets. ‘I don’t know where they are because I never opened my wife’s drawer in case she has something, a satisfying one, whatever, ‘ the presenter said, explaining that this act was too intimate for him.

I don’t want to watch it because it seems disrespectful to me, he explained further and the guests had the same thought as him. Finally, the man from Requena told me what had happened to his wife, and that is that the other day he told me that if something happens to her, there is a pajama in the third drawer that I should put on before they take her away. to the hospital. Both Blanca su Elimrez and Enric Auquer understood the presenter and agreed with him very much that it is not necessary to hide something in order to have their little piece of privacy.

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