Pamela Anderson without makeup at Paris Fashion Week

There is no doubt that from the ’90s and ’00s until today, Pamela Anderson continues in the same liberating way to celebrate the revolution of female sexuality through her dress and beauty look. This can translate into an ultra-glamorous look as we have been used to in the past, but also into a public appearance without a trace of makeup on her face, like the one she last performed in Paris.

Pamela Anderson without a trace of makeup in Paris

Following the trend of masculine tailoring, she chose an oversized, grey striped suit that combined beautifully with a white shirt, exuding an effortlessly sophisticated air, while adopting the same philosophy in her beauty look. Taking a closer look at her smiling face, you can see that the actress and writer chose a no makeup look, leaving her glowing skin – and freckles on her face – to take the lead.

Without shadows, mascara, bronzer, blush, concealer, possibly only with a little lip gloss on her lips that ensured a wonderful gloss, she seems cheerful, completely reconciled with time, with the self-confidence to be her ally. The best beauty lesson.

The same effortless vibe she also adopted in her hair, letting it naturally fall dishevelled on her shoulders, while the red color on her manicure tied perfectly, creating the perfect color contrast.

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Admittedly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Pamela Anderson turn up to an official call without a trace-or with minimal – makeup on her face. At the beginning of September, she” attended ” a Pandora event with a very light makeup look, proving that natural beauty is equally liberating. Whether we’re talking about Pamela Anderson’s temporary shift to more minimal appearances, or a new chapter in her life, we applaud her choice.

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