Paschalis Tsarouhas: The Rare Photo With His Blonde Daughter

You may know Paschalis Tsarouha’s relationship with Theofania Papathoma , with whom he had a son, Achilleas, but less well known is the relationship that followed the divorce. Paschalis Tsarouhas was married to Natascha Papagianni, with whom he had another child, his daughter Alexandra .

Paschalis Tsarouhas uses social media mainly to promote his professional steps and to talk about topics that concern him in society, but also to share moments of his everyday life from his interactions with his colleagues or behind the scenes of the series The Land of the Olive, in which he plays Mega. Photos of him with his two children in his personal Instagram account, as you understand, are rare.

The last of them was published on Wednesday, October 11th. In it, Paschalis Tsarouhas poses for the camera, holding his 8.5-year-old daughter Alexandra in his arms, who bathes him with her blond hair.

This face seems to have grown a little , Paschalis Tsarouhas wrote in the caption to their joint photo. Alexandra has grown a lot since her last appearance on the actor’s profile, which was made in 2019 in one photo of her with her father, and in another with her brother Achillea.

Alexandra lives with her mother in Edessa, she is 10 years younger than Achilles, she is 5.5 years old. The two brothers have a wonderful relationship, their father takes care of them. We go on vacation together in the country, we often climb with Achilles, they are beloved brothers and she loves him very much, he is her blond god, he told OK Magazine in 2020! Paschalis Zarouhas.

It’s not an easy situation because of the distance, but they are good guys. Achilles is a Levantine, he sees injustice and goes into battle, he wants to defend justice. Alexandra is still young for such a thing, the actor added, talking about the relationship between his two sons.

More recently, Paschalis Tsarou has been referring to his children through Mega’s Pame Danai program. Paschalis Tsarouhas spoke about the life relationships he has established with Theofania Papathoma and Natasa Papagianni. Relationships that will last forever since you gave birth to Achilles and Alexandra, respectively.

With Theophany we are united by a huge greatness, our son Achilleas, as with Natasha Papagianni, with whom I have my daughter, although we are not together, Alexandra unites us. The great deeds of your life, you need to respect them and serve them for a lifetime. With Natasha, the mother of my daughter, we were thinking about getting married, but it didn’t work out and so it ended, we are no longer together. My two children are children of madness and that’s why they are beautiful and intelligent , said the proud father Paschalis Tsarouhas.

As for the blond god of the also blond, Alexandras, in order not to make you wonder how much he has grown, I will quote to you the last post of Paschalis Tsarouha with his son. In it, 18-year-old Achilles plays basketball with his father, who, as you will see, has reached a height. The photo is from August 2020 and the only comment on it is from Theofania Papathoma, who admires the beauty of her son. Pride is a family affair for Paschalis Tsarouha and her former partners.

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