Patrick Stewart Odd Tom Hardy Didn’t Interact With Star Trek Cast

In his new memoir, “Doing It This Way,” legendary actor Patrick Stewart recalls his impressive career on stage and screen, including his iconic role in Star Trek, and even meets a young Tom Hardy.

Stewart first took the captain’s chair as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation back in 1987, before reprising the role in four films, including Star Trek: Nemesis in 2002 and the recent sequel series.

In his memoirs, Stewart recalls working with Hardy, who played the villain in the film.

And Nemesis, released in 2002, was particularly weak, Stewart writes. He didn’t have a single exciting scene to play, and the actor who played the villain in Shinzon’s film was a strange, lonely young man from London. His name was Tom Hardy.

In Nemesis, Shinzon is a clone of Picard; however, Stewart says that he and Hardy did not have a particularly close working relationship, despite having common character traits.

Stewart writes that Tom would not communicate with any of us on a social level. He never said “Good morning,” never said “Good night,” and spent unnecessary hours on the set of his trailer with his girlfriend.

He was by no means hostile; it was just difficult to establish a relationship with him, the X-Men actor continues.

After the experience with Nemesis, Stewart admits that he didn’t expect us to see much more of Hardy, who would become a big movie star.

Unsurprisingly, the night Tom finished his role, he left without ceremony or niceties, just walking out the door, Stewart writes. When it closed, I said quietly to Brent and Jonathan: “And here is the one about whom, I think, we will never know anything more.” It only gives me pleasure that Tom proved me so wrong.

Since his brief stint in the Star Trek universe, Hardy has found success in other major franchises, playing Bane in The Rise of the Dark Knight, Max Rockatansky in Eddie Brock in Mad Max Fury Road and Venom

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