Paz Padilla Responds To David Valldeperas After The Harsh Accusations He Has Made Against Her

Paz Padilla attended a party organized on the occasion of the anniversary of Cepa 21 in Madrid, where he spoke about the controversy generated after David Valldeperas’ criticism of Malbert’s podcast on Podimo,’Dear Hater’. He even told her that he felt disappointed and said very harsh words to her , and it was Paz who was unemployed after leaving the program after a quarrel with Belossexn Esteban . Paz Padilla gave this answer to one of his bosses a long time ago, and it could not have been more elegant: I love him very much, I loved him very much, I wish him to be very happy and he is doing very well

His statements are in contrast to those of Valldeperas: there was an episode after his departure from the show that disenchanted me. She thought I was one of her enemies, and that’s not true. I did something with all good intentions. something was wrong and she felt that I had not behaved well towards her, had committed an act and obviously knew that I had made a mistake. I thought she had more affection for me. Given what I’ve seen, it was probably to have a bias towards interest and an ally towards a complicated show.

Paz Padilla wishes all the best to his former teammates as well as David Valldeperas

Paz, who has shown enormous positivity in the face of all the setbacks that life has given her, some very strong ones, such as the death of her husband Antonio Juan Vidal , does not want to look into the past: life is a lot of life, I’m waiting for what I have to live. This is the advice I give. You have to live here and now.

However, Valldeperas continues to analyze the reason why Paz Padilla left his life, thereby justifying his departure from ‘S Elimlvame’ and is absolutely resounding in his statements against her: our mood was broken. I have no relationship whatsoever, I don’t even want to have Paz Padilla.

He stopped having fun on the show, began to have tense relationships with some employees, and stopped getting excited about his television series.’

Paz Padilla is clearly not ready to get involved: I love all my colleagues, I’m focused on what I’m doing, and I don’t usually step on beaten ground, what’s the point of thinking about where I’ve been? yesterday? Not what I experienced yesterday.

Paz Padilla Responds To David Valldeperas After The Harsh Accusations He Has Made Against Her

He wishes all the best to his teammates: to him and everyone, of course. And that’s it, I’m sorry, I’m happy and I want everyone to be very happy. It was one stage of my life and now I’m in another , and now I’m very happy with the minds of the experts.

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