Pink reveals that she almost died of an overdose at the age of 16

Pink remembers a difficult period in her life.

While reflecting on the challenges she faced in her teenage years, the three-time Grammy winner talked about her past drug use.

I was a punk. I had a mouth. I was upset, Pink told Cecilia Vega in a 60-minute interview that took place on the 22nd, basically, I grew up in a house where my parents yell at each other every day, throw things at each other, hate each other. And then I got into drugs. I sold drugs. And then they kicked me out of the house. I dropped out of school. High school. It was out of control.

Then he recalled an almost fatal incident at the age of 16, which served as a wake-up call.

On Thanksgiving Day 1995, I was at a rave and overdosed, the singer recalls. I was up, oh boy, ecstasy, angel dust, crystal, all sorts of stuff. And then I fainted. Finish. Too much.

Pink, who had previously talked about her overdose and how she had stopped using drugs after this incident, received her first recording contract with the girl group Choice weeks later, according to 60 Minutes. Although the band had a short career, their success as a solo artist has stood the test of time.

In fact, the artist Raise Your Glass, who shares daughter Willow, 12, and son Jameson, 6, with husband Carey Hart, has been thinking about how much things have changed for her since the beginning of 2000.

My dressing room was like whiskey and cigarettes, he told 60 minutes. Then it was ball pits and soft toys.

And whether in music or in interviews, Pink prefers to be open and honest with her fans rather than secret and private.

I think I look at things in a very specific way, if I’m a mystery to you, how can I expect you to connect with me? And if I am a person who is desperately looking for a connection, then why should the secret be interesting to me? She said. I want to get to know you. I want you to know me.

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