Prince Harry is still in William’s thoughts when Kate learns about Princess Diana’s mistake in supporting her husband

Prince Harry will still be in his brother William’s thoughts despite their damaging split , a royal expert has claimed. The two brothers have barely spoken since Harry and his wife Meghan Markle left the UK and royal life in 2020 to move to California with their family.

The damaging fallout has been compounded by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s insistence on sharing details of their lives as well as private conversations. The couple also made accusations against William and his wife, Princess Kate .

While King Charles is reportedly eager to mend fences with his son, William is less inclined to reach out his hand. The future monarch was seriously injured by Harry’s actions.

But royal expert Duncan Larcombe believes that Harry will have been at the forefront of William’s thoughts during the heir’s recent trip to New York. William was in America to raise awareness about climate change at the Earthshot Prize innovation summit.

In conversation with Ok! Larcombe said: “There will always be certain things that remind William of his younger brother and that will upset him – I don’t doubt that for a second. I would like to know how much of the Invictus Games William watched and whether he dared to watch the Netflix documentary about it or not. Maybe it was too painful for him.

“It’s a shame. Things could have been so different if the guys had been talking to each other. They could have influenced each other’s projects. These opportunities are lost.”

Larcombe said Harry would be in William’s thoughts “in the quieter times” in the US, but added that the prince and Kate are “dealing with it” by “rolling up their sleeves and moving on”.” While William was courting the Americans, Kate was fulfilling duties in the UK when the two started further solo engagements. She attended the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton in Somerset as well as the youth charity Streets of Growth in London.

And another royal expert, Katie Nicholl, assesses that Kate is careful not to overshadow William, which became a problem between his parents, the then Prince of Wales and Diana. She said: “It became a problem that Diana outshone Charles in public engagements.

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“You don’t see that with William and Kate. Did the photo opportunity with Kate in fits of laughter with a life jacket overshadow the good work that William did? No, the Earthshot summit received the same attention in the press.

“It’s a test for them as a team that they can be in different countries, do different things and still generate a very positive press. Neither Kate nor William see themselves as a threat, they see themselves as their biggest supporters.”

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