Private conversations with Google Bard could leak, but a Solution is Coming

If you’ve ever played around with all AI-powered chatbots, you’ve probably tried Bard, Google’s great voice model-based bot. Bard was founded as part of Google’s “AI-first” initiative after the debut of ChatGPT, which led to competition. However, to say that Bard and his rivals are still in their infancy would not be an exaggeration. Bugs are discovered routinely, and a Bard user recently alerted Google to a critical bug.

An update that Gagan Ghotra posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) recently shed light on whether private bard chats can be indexed by Google Search. It was also found that conversation URLs pointing to Bard’s chats were indexed by the search engine. Shortly after the bug was registered, Google posted a response to X from its @SearchLiason account. Although Bard allows users to share their conversations, the company has stated that it does not intend to index them – Google has claimed that it is working to prevent the occurrence of this situation in the future.

Although Bard still has its shortcomings, it has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Earlier this year, Google expanded its plans to evolve Bard into a more robust AI chatbot. A preview of the interface for future Bard extensions suggested that Kayak, OpenTable, Instacart and others could potentially be integrated into the bot. Of course, Google’s own services such as maps and flights should also be included.

In addition to the problems that are still being solved, Bard has already become a more intelligent, multifunctional chatbot. For example, Google has delivered on its promise to provide more detailed query responses by adding visuals to Bard. More specifically, the AI chatbot can now provide images in response to user requests. Each picture also has a description that makes it useful when shopping online – less accidental purchases and the likelihood of buyer’s remorse.

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While Bard still can’t solve all the world’s problems, Google seems to be hoping that it will arrive in time. Given the updates that are being introduced continuously, the company is clearly taking AI seriously, but for how much longer? Only with the launch of ChatGPT did Google seem to invest heavily in this area, although it had already dealt with it in the past. With the debut of Bard’s new features, it will be interesting to see how committed the company remains to the initiative. While the chatbot certainly has potential, the applicability of AI goes far beyond this type of product.

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