Queen Letizia: breathe new life into the black dress by pairing it with the right accessories

In my opinion, two things make Queen Letizia’s style so good: authenticity and simplicity in style. In addition to financial comfort and access to a wardrobe that many women would envy, the blue-blooded has managed to conquer the world with her effortless elegance. That’s because of one thing: she knows her style.

She may have some stylistic limitations due to the title, but this does not prevent Queen Letizia from depicting her aesthetics. So this “aesthetics” does not need much to impress. You need to believe in the power of minimalist style, but also choose the right pieces with the right design . All this characterizes his recent appearance.

Queen Letizia’s Audrey Hepburn style black dress

Audrey Hepburn and the stunning black dress from Givenchy, which she wore in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961), set a very high standard for all other black dresses in fashion history. Queen Letizia rivals Hepburn’s iconic outfit and one of the main reasons is the style.

Queen Letizia's Audrey Hepburn style black dress

More precisely, the blue-blooded woman appeared at the opening of the London opera The Royal Theater in a black dress. Midi length and A-line, the voluminous silhouette of her dress was very reminiscent of the voluminous skirt of Christian Dior’s iconic “New Look” set of 1947. The line of the dress therefore played a big role in its overall effect, while the so-called style breathed new life into the elegant dress.

Queen Letizia is a” master ” of style and this appearance confirms this. To emphasize the design of her dress, the blue-blooded woman preferred a minimalist approach to the look. A thin black leather belt and a pair of transparent and black pointed toe mules added to the elegance of the look. Large diamond rings and a dazzling bracelet were the only jewelry needed for this ensemble, which celebrates the natural elegance of a black dress. Queen Letizia once again wore the same dress from the 2nd Skin brand at a NATO conference in 2021.

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With the same shoes and the same belt, but with more subtle jewelry and with hair tied in a knot, the blue-blooded woman managed to achieve a different effect with the same look . We love it when women like the Queen of Spain bring pieces from her luxurious wardrobes, especially when it comes to the timeless black dress that occupies an important place in every woman’s wardrobe.

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