Rebecca Loos, David Beckham’s alleged ex-lover, explodes against him for presenting himself as a victim

David Beckham’s former assistant Rebecca Loos was shown a red card.

Almost three weeks after the release of her Netflix documentary series Beckham, Rebecca shares her thoughts on how the footballer and his wife Victoria Beckham have dealt with his allegations of infidelity.

It’s all “poor of me,” Rebecca, who claimed in 2004 that she was intimate with David, told the Daily Mail in an interview published in October. 21. He must take responsibility. He can, of course, say what he wants, and I understand that he has a picture to preserve, but he poses as a victim and makes me look like a liar, as if I invented these stories.

The now yoga teacher said that, in her opinion, David indirectly suggests that she is the one who made Victoria suffer.

Yes, the stories were terrible, but they are true, Rebecca said. In the documentary, he explains how it is ultimately about his personal life by refusing it. I think it’s one thing to keep your private life to yourself. It’s another matter to deceive the audience.

She also denies the deadlines presented in the production, noting that it has been more than a decade since the case took place.

Many people had forgotten all this, added Rebecca, who is now married and a mother of two children. A lot of people have left all this behind, all the business, the scandal and all that. And he brought it up again in a way that detracts from my reputation.

She continued, I think if he wanted to talk about that moment and how difficult it was, it would have been really good for him to say, “It wasn’t the moment I’m most proud of.”But he expressly made it believe… it’s my fault that he has nothing to do with it.

Today Rebecca apologizes for what happened.

I was really sorry for what I had done and how I had dealt with it, he said. But the biggest mistakes in life are the best lessons. I want people to be happy, I want families to be happy. I don’t want to break things.

AND! News contacted David’s representative for a comment and received no response.

In the documentary series, David and Victoria, who married in 1999, discussed reports in which they were accused of cheating on the fashion designer after he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2003.

There were terrible stories that were difficult to handle, David, who publicly denied the case at that time, recalled in the Netflix series. This was the first time that Victoria and I came under such pressure in our marriage.

But finally, the couple, who share children Brooklyn Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham and Harper Beckham, were able to move forward together.

I don’t know how we got away honestly, the athlete said. Victory means everything to me. It was incredibly difficult to see her hurt. But we are fighters. And at that moment we had to fight for each other, we had to fight for our family. And what we had was worth fighting for.

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