Review of the last GH VIP 8 Gala: Nominees, Evictions and Controversies

Keeping up to date with everything that is happening on the reality show is as easy as reading on. We analyze everything that happens at the galas: from the friction between the participants, the alliances and above all: no, not the duvet, but who the displaced people are.

GH VIP 8 has returned to Mediaset refreshed and ready to reveal the best and worst of its competitors. The last time the format was broadcast was in 2019, and Adara Molinero was named the winner of the competition . Then Jorge Javier Vazquez, Jordi Gonzalez, Lara Alvarez and Carlos Sobera formed the team of presenters. In 2023, the reality show comes with a new cast of presenters, in which Marta Flich and Ion Aramendi act as masters of ceremonies. The first debuts in this type of programs and takes over the galas, while the second consolidates after the success as host of Survivientes: Conexi Extraterren Honduras and host of GH VIP 8: El debate.

All the followers of the format really wanted to hear once again the phrase with which the issue begins, the famous one, which we associate with the house . GH VIP 8 is the 29th edition of the Big Brother format in Spain: ten editions with celebrities, seven by GH VIP, two by GH: El Reencuentro and one by GH D ZHEJO and the 18 published anonymously. The reality show has just started and we already want to know who will take home the prize. The first winner of the VIP version was the ballerina Marlene Mourreau in 2004. This was followed by: Ivonne Armant (2005); Belen Esteban( 2015); Laura Matamoros (2016); Alyson Eckmann (2017); Miriam Saavedra (2018); and Adara Molinero (2019).

The profiles of the participants could not be more diverse, starting with that of journalist Sol Macaluso, who received numerous criticisms for his consent to participate in the reality show . Will there be disagreements between them? Will they form alliances when it comes to naming? Any quilts? All of them will live in Guadalix de La Sierra in a completely new house and, after their expulsion, will visit a renovated set with an innovative element that, according to Marta Flich, will play a fundamental role during the edition.

If you have not had time to watch the reality show, but want to keep up to date with everything that happened during the gala and talk as if you were glued to the screen from the beginning to the end of the program, just read this summary that we give you below .

Summary of the debate 4 GH VIP 8

The gala was marked by one of the great tasks of the edition, that of Karina. There are already two candidates who unexpectedly dropped out, which could be reflected in two new arrivals… or not at all.

The debate revolved around the nominees who answered the viewers’ questions and among whom the name Laura Bozzo was suppressed, but on the condition that no competitor knows him.

In addition, Anabel Pantoja and Belen Ro have set off on an important mission: to leave a check for 100 to be used in the reward machine. Luitingo was the one who found him at an intimate dinner with Pilar Llori.

But the visit left a queue and Belen Ro had a few words for Carmen Alcayde since they entered, while everyone was frozen to death, which the candidate did not like: it does not seem right that she comes here and tells me this to destabilize me, to take off her finger…

Highlights Gala 4 GH VIP 8

Sol Macaluso became the second displaced person of GH VIP 8. “I am glad to be back home, ” the candidate said after reuniting with her boyfriend. The journalist was also able to choose a person from the house who should use the extra life card for her, and chose Marta Castro. Presenter Marta Flich told Marta Castro, but told her that if she used it to save Sol, it would cost her 25, 000 euros of the final price, which she did not accept. Laura Bozzo and Alex Caniggia were rescued at this gala .

GH VIP 8: Latest News October 2

Laura Bozzo, Alex Caniggia and Sol Macaluso are nominated. Laura has not taken the situation very well in this last minute, which represents the return of Lara Alvarez to the program. Laura Bozzo is worried about her possible exit from the reality show and criticized the competition that Karina is conducting, since the singer was saved from her, but gives less play than her.

Summary of the debate 3 GH VIP 8

Jessica Bueno, Karina and Michael were the only ones saved from this multiple nomination and kept Alex Cannigia, Sol Macaluso and Laura Bozzo on the tightrope for next Thursday.

Luitingo opened up to his girlfriend, which caused Pilar to have an anxiety attack. In addition, the nominees had a privilege: to be able to talk with a loved one, in exchange for paying 100 of the prize for every 10 seconds they talk .

It was also time for the weekly quiz: the historical dance. After an almost perfect performance, they knew the verdict of the audience. Passed the test!

Highlights Gala 3 GH VIP 8

This Thursday the first exclusion of the edition took place, the first heated discussions about the nominations also began and they did it by exploding everything against Karina .

In addition, Marta Flich violated the rules by giving external information to competitors and was forced to stop Alex Caniggia face to face with Oriana Marzoli . A busy gala where Albert Infante and Zeus shared immunity.

alex Caniggia, Laura Bozzo, Karina, Sol Macaluso, Michael and Jessica Bueno will be nominated this week.

Summary limit 48 hours 2 GH VIP 8

The big news tonight was undoubtedly the rescue of two of the nominees: Zeus and Karina . Great news, which was accompanied by Karina’s chair at home and a concert by Zeus for his colleagues, who spread their music.

But that was not all. The dynamics of the galas worried the participants and finally made Oriana explode against the organization .

In addition, Luca dazi suffered a recession when he stood with one foot on the street, especially after Marta Flich asked him about his fight with Albert Infante and had to justify what had happened.

On the other hand, couples move on. Luitingo made a statement to Pilar Llori and Susana took the opportunity to explain how she feels about Zeus.

Summary of the debate 2 GH VIP 8

The situation in the house is hot and was seen at the end of the debate . And the fight between Oriana and Jessica has shared everything and remains strong.

At this gala, the prize was reduced by 200 because of Alex Caniggia, who wanted to know who is the candidate with the least public support. And he has not diminished his thanks to his colleagues since Jessica, Oriana, Alex and Laura have preferred to eat offal instead of paying part of the premium to take food home.

Although the participants know that 200 have fallen, they still do not know why .

Summary of Gala 2 GH VIP 8

The most complete gala has arrived. At the beginning of the night, the cave closed and its inhabitants were finally carefully dressed in the VIP house, where they will finally live with their companions.

But there was bad news: during the week, the inhabitants of the cave and the house did not follow the rules of the test, which will greatly reduce their food budget for the next week. You will have only 116,000 for the whole week.

With the departure of Pedro García Juvia Aguado, also known as El Hummingbird, who had the skater Javier Fernandez in his hands, he entered : I have the nerves when you participate in a competition. Now, after the union, there is a problem: a bed is missing . All the inhabitants of the house are afraid that the cave will open again. Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the lack of beds, comments Marta Flich. That scares us, Oriana pointed out.

On the other hand, the first nominations were made, leaving Alex Carrigia, Luca, Karina and Zeus in limbo .

summary of the 48-hour limit 1 Gh VIP 8

There will be a union on Thursday! Marta Flich announced it on the sidelines of the end of the program in a night full of emotions.

Not a week has passed in which we already had the first crises. Oriana Marzoli started Tuesday with the attempt to leave, which she finally overcame, and she missed her boyfriend, whom she was supposed to see in exchange for 12, 000.

Meanwhile, the audience decided to exchange participants between the cave and the VIP house. The cave quickly chose the person who would go to the house: Luca Dazi after his crisis last Sunday . The chef was in charge of who to send to the cave: Alex Caniggia.

In addition, Karina recalled her most difficult moments in the first turn of life of this issue, in which she revealed the reason that led her to GH VIP .

Finally, for the first time we were able to see Javier Fernandez, the renowned figure skater who, after the departure of Pedro García, when he was discovered, finally entered as an official competitor.

And Luitingo, who turns 33 on September 20, received a chocolate cake right at the end of the gala to celebrate with his colleagues.

Summary of the debate 1-Gh VIP 8

For the first time on Big Brother, one of the contestants confirmed by the show, who is already in the chamber, is not an official contestant . News that came like a bucket of cold water, although most of the participants had already begun to suspect everyone, even going so far as to call one name: Pedro García aguado. Are you the hummingbird? “Of course,” the older brother replied. You have a departure date: until you find out. If they discover it, a new candidate will enter, explained Ion Aramendi, who has kept the identity of the last member secret: Javier Fernandez.

On the other hand, fear took over everyone, and even more so Luca. In fact, at the next call with Ion Aramendi, Luca was not in the cave, but was treated in the confessional. Minutes later Luca came and explained what had happened to him. I had also idealized the fact that I was here and that scared me a little, Luca Dazi said, holding back the tears of anger . I’m fine, I want my family to be very calm. When I left the confessional, I already had four people helping me. The team on the show is great.

Jessica Buenos’s post was analyzed by Anabel Pantoja on the set of the competition debate this Sunday, after seeing unpublished images of the models’ presentation video.I’m meeting with someone today. It seems that everything is going well, but it’s true that my priority is my children, which affects the formalization of a relationship with another person. I can’t say that I’m going to dinner, I’m going to travel, because my children are always there, he confessed.

Summary of Gala 1-Gh VIP 8

After almost 6 years of silence, GH VIP returned to our screens, and in a big way. With the excitement of the first day, the eighth edition began on September 14 with a cast of VIPs who promise to make people talk: Karina had an incident with her suitcase, as soon as she arrived , Sol Macaluso announced the bomb that she could be pregnant …it will undoubtedly be the edition of surprises.

The first to reach the cave was Oriana Marzoli, who almost had an anxiety attack when she found herself in a cabin of only 10 square meters with several chairs, tables and two doors: a latrine and a closet. And although the young candidate was not among the chosen ones, it was not long before the cast selected six brave people who had to sleep the first night without comfort, with mattresses that disappeared in the morning: Albert Infante, Luca Dazi, Gustavo Guillermo, Michael Terlizzi, Susana Bianca and Carmen Alcayde.

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