Rocio Carrasco’s Gesture With Alba Carrillo That Shows Where Their Relationship Is

Rocio Carrasco made a kind gesture to his girlfriend Alba Carrillo . Rocio Jurado’s daughter does not usually attend public events the last time we saw her. She told about the Campos sisters at her mother’s funeral home, but made an exception to treat the model at the presentation of her book ‘Ready For life’.

Rocio and Alba coincided in the third season of ‘Talk to them’ in 2016, a date on which the former wanted to say ‘yes, yes’ to Fidel Albiac, although she was going through a great depression and the latter had just separated from Feliciano L7pez. We bonded in grief because I also had depression, the model said at the time.

Since then, they have built a great friendship, as can be seen from the statements of Alba, in which she revealed the real reason for Rocio Carrasco’s veto on the Mediaset and Telecinco programs, and also how, with the help of Rocio Flores’s mother, we bought the presentation of Alba’s first book.

I am very happy about the presentation of my first book and I say first because I think it will not be the last. It’s a very emotional day and I’m going to cry more . “I have prepared a presentation with all my heart,” Alba said a few minutes ago. before arriving at the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, where the event was held.

There he met the press, but also friends such as Estela Grande, with whom he met at ‘GH VIP’, and Rocio Carrasco, with whom he gave affection at the photocall. She was so grateful for his presence that she shared beautiful stories on Instagram.

Rocio Carrasco's Gesture With Alba Carrillo That Shows Where Their Relationship Is

Friends are those people who cry with you in evil and celebrate with you in good . I will always be grateful that I found him. Thank you for supporting me on this special day, she wrote along with a photo of both of them hugging and kissing each other tenderly. .

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