Rodolfo Sancho makes new statement with news on the case of his son Daniel Sancho

The actor wanted to clarify the latest information about the case of the young cook and denies that Kuhn Anan, Daniel’s former Thai lawyer, criticized the father and son legal team.

Rodolfo Sancho makes a new statement with the latest news about the case of his son Daniel Sancho, who is imprisoned in the Thai prison of Koh Samui after confessing to the crime of Edwin Arrieta . Last week, statements were published by Kuhn Anan, the former Thai lawyer of the young chef, in which he criticized the chef’s new defense and explained why he had left the case.

We would like to reject these statements in their entirety, since when we contacted the said lawyer through the head of the professional office where Mr. Anan provides his services, they deny that any statement was made on the case. this is a case in Thailand against Mr. Daniel Sancho Broncholo, who also did not give any opinions on this issue to accredited media for this purpose, because if this were the case, as he himself emphasizes to us, it would directly damage his reputation and professionalism, it is read in writing.

Rodolfo Sancho denies that Marcos Garcia-Monte spoke with Thai lawyer Kuhn Anan

It was not the first time that Kuhn Anan attacked Rodolfo Sancho and his legal team after they decided to dismiss him in early September. The Thai lawyer assured that he had almost no relations with Daniel Sancho’s father, and also complained about the pressure of the media.

It has even been commented that he had a confrontation with Marcos Garcia-Montes, the actor’s lawyer, a fact that was also denied in the new statement. At the moment, we can prove that Mr. Marcos Garcia-Montes, lawyer, nor his law firm, had any relationship by computer, telephone or in person with the lawyer Mr. Anan, the statement says.

Rodolfo Sancho’s latest statement explains the work of Daniel Sancho’s legal team in Spain. The legal team formed by the law firm Marcos Garcia-Montes and the criminological and legal law firm Balfagon & Chippirr has been actively working since receiving the order to submit as many reports as possible regarding the criminal case being prosecuted.

against Daniel Sancho Broncholo in Thailand, with the restrictions in which we are, among other things, due to the autopsy protocol, there is currently no known photographic report of the same in which the data is scientifically accredited. and etiology of the death of Don Edwin Arrieta Arriaga, they say.

In addition, in the latest writings of Rodolfo Sancho’s legal team, there is talk of the inclusion of a new Thai lawyer in the case of Daniel Sancho, who remains without legal representation in the Asian country .

Regarding the interest expressed by the media in the absence of a Thai lawyer in this case, it is reported that at the appropriate time of the proceedings, this lawyer will be admitted, who will cooperate in the defense of Mr. Zhao.

Daniel Sancho Broncholo together with the Spanish legal team. consisting of the law firm Marcos Garcia-Montes and the law firm Balfagon & Chippirr, who, as we emphasize, have been working together and permanently on the case and declare that Daniel Sancho was released from prison on October 5 to appear before the court of Koh Samui.

Rodolfo Sancho makes new statement with news on the case of his son Daniel Sancho

Don Daniel Sancho Broncholo appeared in court in Koh Samui, where he was informed that his temporary detention was extended for another twelve days at the request of the prosecutor, and at this appearance discussed other issues of interest in the case, he explains.

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