Roula Revi: she is photographed in her bodysuit without filters and makeup

Iroula Revi is a photographer. She is an artist who sees the bodies and faces of those she photographs exactly as they are and as they are erased with good light as their ally. She is an artist who knows how these original impressions of people will be processed before they are printed, to ” conform “to the demands of a glamorous and” flawless ” lifestyle. And it is she who decided to show on her personal Instagram account the beauty that these original shots hide.

Roula Revi posed in the hallway of her house, wearing her black bodysuit and holding one of her children’s stuffed toys (she has had the 8-year-old twins Angelos and Irene) and talked about the raw photos, which have nothing to do with the wild, they are just what we call “raw material”. The raw material of the beauty of men, which is none other than its truth.

In her unfiltered photo that was accompanied by hashtags that clarified exactly this, that she did not edit her photo with filters but also that she did not have a trace of makeup on her face, while at the same time sending a loud message: “Be yourself”, “embrace your body”.

“Raw file we say in digital photography the RAW file and I love these files very much now,” Roula Revis wrote in the caption of her photo. The photographer embraces the image of her body and face, sending a body positive message worth keeping.

In her career, however, she has come across people who show greater insecurity about their external appearance and how their image is captured on the lens. In an earlier interview, Roula Revi had revealed which showbiz faces are her favorites in her photo shoots and which she has promised herself not to photograph again.

“I have yes. My husband. I always liked to photograph him, even before he became my husband, ” she said of the person she loves to photograph and is none other than her husband, Apostolis Totsikas. In addition to photographing her husband for his interview needs, Roula Revis often gives away some wonderful snapshots of him on Instagram.

“I have Zeta Makripoulia, who is very nice to photograph, Eleni Menegaki, Elli Kokkinou, who I have a great time with, I like Elli Stai a lot,” he added, speaking to Glamour magazine. Then he also talked about the faces he would never want to photograph again.

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“There are three women I have sworn I will never photograph again in my life. Mia only wants to be photographed at a certain angle, which means she doesn’t trust me. And she’s inconsistent in her times, too; I’m tired of waiting for her. For the other, I am ashamed that she is a woman. We did a concept shoot without makeup and she would go to the bathroom and put mascara on secretly. He was making fun of us. The third belief I don’t like as a personality, so I’ve said I won’t do it again. I didn’t like her behaviour on the production team. I have no reason to go through everyone’s Psychology, ” explained Roula Revi.

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