Saudi brand AGMARAT presents floral designs in Milan

Saudi designer Rana Alfehaid, founder of AGMARAT, presents her latest collection in Milan on the sidelines of the city’s prestigious Fashion Week.

Together with 39 other designers from the kingdom, Alfehaid presents his designs as part of the Saudi 100 Brands initiative during White Milano, the international clothing and accessories fair that takes place on the sidelines of Milan Fashion Week.

Presenting my designs in Milan as part of White Milano is a dream come true, Alfehaid told Arab News. It is an incredible feeling to be on such a prestigious international stage and to present Saudi fashion to the world.

The Alfehaid collection is a celebration of the camellia flower, symbol of purity.

Each piece in the collection takes inspiration from the delicate petals of the camellia and incorporates intricate floral motifs and soft, flowing fabrics, she said. I am very pleased to show the harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in this collection, as well as the unique color palette inspired by camellias, which reflects the beauty and elegance of our culture.

Being part of the 100 Saudi brands and representing Saudi culture abroad fills me with immense pride, she continued. It is a responsibility that I take seriously, and it is an honor to be an ambassador of our culture through fashion.

Alfehaid said that he hopes that the show in Milan will not only increase his brand awareness in the global fashion scene, but also inspire other Saudi designers to realize their dreams and showcase the culture of the kingdom.

Alfehaid has already presented his designs at a show organized by the Saudi Fashion Commission in New York in honor of Princess Rima bint Bandar Al-Saud.

The designs were inspired by the authentic Saudi heritage (and reflected) the beauty and originality of Saudi art, she said.

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The fashion landscape in Saudi Arabia has evolved enormously, Alfehaid added. There is a growing appreciation for local talents and it is encouraging to witness the flourishing of creativity in our country.

The designer is currently working on expanding her brand internationally. I work with international artists and designers to create unique collections that unite cultures and tell captivating stories through fashion, she said.

AGMARAT is expected to participate in the Paris Fashion Week 2023, which starts on September 25th.

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