Sebastian Yatra accidentally reveals that Aitana’s The Killers is a song dedicated to him

We definitely smell something. Alpha, Aitana’s newly released album, is full of great songs with sexual messages like Miamor with Rels B , but also ballads that reach the deepest part of her heart.

It was then that her life changed after she broke off the four-year relationship with Miguel Bernardeau and became romantically engaged to Sebastian Yatra.

The suspicion that the Colombian singer was the inspiration for some of his lyrics has always been there, only now we know that The Killers is 100% dedicated to him.

It was Sebastian Yatra himself who accidentally revealed it during an interview. Currently, he is in Miami as one of the most anticipated artists of Latin Music Week on the Billboard platform and answered some questions that he later shared on his social networks.

In his last post on Instagram we see a video of the artist in which he tells us what songs he would like to write. Casually notice the irony that he said: All these things I did for the murderers. Swipe to the second image to view it.

That’s fair enough. What is the name of the love song Aitanas, which also made Sebastian Yatra cry at a concert in Valencia when the artist sang it ? Killer. Which group exactly are you referring to if you could have chosen someone else? Killer. Is it us or does the couple have a common musical taste? As nOEM would say in Paquita Salas: It’s something to think about.

In addition, we bet that Sebastian Yatra’s intention with this video was to send a tip to his girl… we caught that in flight.

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