Selena Gomez Finally Tells Why She Stopped Following Dua Lipa on Instagram in the summer

Selena Gomez told why she stopped following Dua Lipa in the summer. Let’s see in parts, in case you do not know this salseo. A few months ago, fans who pay attention to everything, apparently saw that Selena no longer follows Dua Lipa on Instagram, and after the same fans posted on social networks, this event went viral. Moreover, Sel not only stopped following the singer, but also Zayn Malik and other celebrities. What’s it like to call Selena, Sel? Uh-huh.

Now, over time, the singer and businesswoman talked about why in an interview with Fast Company : it was an accident! I was cleaning up my Instagram and realized what I was doing when a friend he called me and said: Auntie, what happened to Dua?

Minutes after the pseudo-drama, Selena uploaded a photo to the feed, which winked at the One Kiss singer and which she titled: A Versace / Dua moment . The latter did not specifically comment on the debate that took place on the Internet, but made a point of commenting on the photo and writing: Angeeel! so there was no doubt that nothing happened between them.

Well, puzzles solved. Or at least based on what Selena said, we are pleased. As an additional information, we will say that Selena has followed Dua Lipa again, so case closed.

Psss: If you are a Selena fan, here’s a before and after: This is how Selena Gomez has evolved over time , you will love the change.

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