Senator Meghan Markle? Rumors are growing about whether the Duchess of Sussex will try to replace Feinstein

Could it be Senator Meghan Markle?

It is unlikely that the Duchess of Sussex will be elected to replace Senator Dianne Feinstein (Democrat from California), who died on Friday at the age of 90, but this does not mean that the actress who became the royal family will not throw her hat. the ring, the Daily Mail reports.

Sources told the publication that within minutes of the death of the Senate supporter, rumors appeared on the phones that Markle could be appointed to this position before the expiration of Feinstein’s term in January 2025.

However, despite Markle’s friendship with great Democrats such as Oprah Winfrey and the Kennedy family, there is little chance of asylum in the Capitol.

Senator Meghan Markle

“Megan is certainly unlikely, but in the face of the madness of American politics these days, it’s not impossible,” a major Democratic donor close to California Governor Gavin Newsom told the publication. Crazier things have happened.

Newsom, a two-term Democrat who may seek the presidency, will soon have to choose a replacement for Feinstein, the longest-serving woman in Senate history.

It is reported that the 55-year-old governor interviewed Markle for the position of senator in October 2020, when he had to replace the then senator. Kamala Harris after Joe Biden chose her to compete with him against Donald Trump.

Markle worked online among high-ranking Democrats when she sought this position, and her intended ultimate goal was the US presidency, a source told the Daily Mail.

Although she and Prince Harry actually met with Newsom, he eventually chose another candidate.

feinstein senator

Feinstein was the longest serving woman in the history of the U.S. Senate until her death.

To Feinstein, whose flag-covered coffin is pictured here, presumably California Governor Gavin Newsom said he would appoint a black woman to his post.

Before Feinstein died, Newsom allegedly told her that he would replace her with a black woman. But the best candidates have already announced that they will run for this position next fall, the Daily Mail reports.

According to the source of the publication, the election of one of these candidates to replace Feinstein until then may lead to accusations of favoritism.

“Therefore, he needs to find a woman of color who will be able to do this job for 13 months and who will agree not to speak out against any of the experienced politicians who have already entered the ring,” the source said.

Feinstein was ill for several months before her death with various ailments, which caused her to waste time in the upper chamber.

The source noted that not many women meet these requirements. That’s why there’s so much talk about Megan’s name.

Markle also became friends with Gloria Steinem, a longtime feminist icon who introduced Meghan to key people in the party, a friend of Steinem’s told the publication.

Markle, pictured here with Prince Harry, allegedly created a network of Democrats to promote her political ambitions.

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