Shakira’s skirt has arrived at Zara and is the great winter look

Shakira not only earns millions of headlines in the media around the world. There are also trends ahead and Zara has taken inspiration from one of his latest looks to bring us a strange piece that fashion experts love: the skort.

But forget everything you know about this garment, because it’s not what you imagine. It’s not one of those mini pieces that’s a skirt in the front and you can see the pants in the back. Or one of the proposals that hides the second. None of that.

Shakira’s skirt has arrived at Zara

The piece we are talking about is a pleated or straight mini skirt worn over long trousers. Yes, while you are reading. And yes, we know that it is strange and may not encourage you to buy at first, but beware, because it is one of the big trends of the season.

Shakira wore it a few months ago during the haute couture shows that were held in Paris and in which she left us the most peculiar looks. However, for many of us, something does not work out if Zara does not arrive then. but it has arrived!

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Amancio (or rather his team) always pays attention to what wins and what does not. Thus, it was found that the winter skirt is becoming one of the most sought-after pieces. Although in this case the skirt is straight and not pleated like a school uniform.

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