Sofia Aliberti: in Paris for the photo exhibition of her son, Michael Varthakouris

The first photography exhibition of Michael Varthakouris was held in early February. His loved ones could not be missing from this important moment for him, as happened this time when the exhibition took place outside Greece.

Michael Varthakouris ‘ photographic career seems to be taking on European proportions as his most recent exhibition took place in the French capital. More specifically, he traveled with friends and his mother, Sofia Aliberti, to Paris in view of his exhibition at La Maison De La Grece, titled “Non-fire” which draws inspiration from landscapes of Greece.

Sofia Aliberti: she was “present” at the exhibition of her son, Michael Varthakouris, in France

Apart from the participation of the Greek Embassy of France, representatives of UNESCO, the business and scientific community as well as prominent personalities from the field of Art honored the exhibition in Paris.

Michael Varthakouris and Sofia Aliberti were photographed, of course, together with all the other attendees. You can see various highlights from the exhibition, scrolling below.

The exhibition was an initiative of the Greek consul in the French capital, Giorgos Kontos, and was organized by the Communaute Hellenique De Paris Et Des Environs and the president of Seta Theodoridou.

“Michelangelo was born in Athens in 1991 and grew up between the Southern Suburbs and Paros. The son of Sofia Aliberti and Yannis Varthakouris, he came of age in an environment directly connected with art, yet he was slow to discover his own artistic identity.

In 2013, he began his engagement with photography. After intense searches and experimentation, he decided to keep his relationship with photography out of the routine, making it a key means of artistic expression. His inspiration is the contact of the human body with the sea, in its various forms.”

“Michelangelo Varthakouris has other talents. He could even be an actor. I had insisted for many years on photography, however, he felt ready now. And now it’s the right thing to do. He has also photographed me in private moments when I beg him not to take them off so that we do not become embarrassing.”

“I wanted very much to raise men. As a woman afflicted by a man who did not grow up as she should, I have decided that my children will not become like this. The verse that expresses me all these years is ” softly and humbly I tread the Earth.” That’s what I wanted to pass on to my kids and now I know I achieved it. Even if I die tomorrow, I know I have done a good job with my children, ” Sofia Aliberti said during her son’s first exhibition.

“My parents were proud before my exhibition because they saw my pictures a long time ago. I think whatever I did, they would support me. My mother was the first model I put in front of my lens, before that I only shot landscapes. My father and I have done a photo shoot together for his record.

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My mother is many things to me. It’s power, it’s respect. My mother taught me to respect my woman, my man, my own self. My mother is an inspiration. I look at my mother and I feel proud of her, ” said Michael Varthakouris at our breakfast.

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