Special Forces Season 2: Who dropped out of the competition?

Special Force: The toughest test in the world is back for a second season to present even more intense training exercises for celebrities to complete. The Special Forces has several seasoned staff instructors with experience in the Navy SEALS and the United States Reconnaissance Marines.

Former bachelor Hannah Brown and former professional football player Carli Lloyd have already won the first season of the show.

However, this time the Special Forces have added recruits like Tom Sandoval and JoJo Siwa to showcase their skills. So, here’s who was put under too much pressure and decided to leave the show.

Who left Special Forces Season 2?

Fourteen celebrities were present at the beginning of Special Forces Season 2, but here are the recruits who couldn’t take it anymore:

Tara Reid wrote:

Tara Reid left during the second episode after complaining about the weight of her backpack.

The bag is very heavy. I can’t do it. My back is killing me. It should be in weight per person, he said before passing the bracelet. It’s not fair and I feel a lot of pain and it’s like no one cares. This thing is a “monster” on “my back”. I don’t want to do it anymore.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has already struggled with knee pain during the first polar immersion mission. However, she was also reprimanded for her attitude by the Board of Directors (DS). She explained that she was too afraid to run over the side of a dam, which led her to leave the show during the second episode.

Dez Bryant

During the second episode, footballer Dez Bryant revealed that he was upset that he missed his son’s birthday. While waiting for Blac Chyna at the dam, Dez screamed in pain because of the platform that hurt his stomach.

Get that shit off me! I’m leaving, holy shit, I’m leaving, Dez shouted, throwing off his gloves and helmet. Don’t talk to me! Stop talking to me! I’m out!.

Later, Dez returned and asked for another opportunity, but the management staff could not reverse his decision to leave.

Who is left in Special Forces Season 2?

The following celebrities still remain in the competition:

  • tyler Cameron, author
  • Chrisley Savannah
  • Brian Austin Green
  • Jean-François
  • Erin Jackson
  • Bode Miller
  • James Osborne
  • All about Kelly Rizzo
  • Tom Sandoval wrote:
  • john siwa
  • Nicolas Viall

You can check out our reality TV coverage until the next episode of Special Forces airs on Fox Mondays at 21 a.m. Eastern Time.

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