Strong criticism for tasteless photos in honor of David Beckham

A few days ago, the documentary series Beckham premiered in London. The man of the evening, David Beckham, took his whole family to support him. Nicola Peltz Beckham even thanked her stepfather with her own message – but this was not well received by everyone.

In a total of four episodes, the new Netflix documentary Beckham looks back on the unprecedented career of football legend David Beckham and highlights the beginning of his love for Spice girl Victoria Beckham and their family life together. Nicola Peltz Beckham, 28, has also been part of this family since her marriage to Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, 24, in April 2022. She posed with the whole family on the red carpet at Beckham’s premiere on October 3, 2023 in London and did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her stepfather with a dubious post.

Nicola Peltz Beckham congratulates stepfather with sexy photos

The next day, the actress shared on Instagram a series of snapshots that showed her in sexy poses in a burgundy leather dress: she puts her leg around the waist of her husband, who in turn kisses her neck or puts her hand on her buttocks. Another photo shows her with her leg provocatively leaning on the edge of the tub; in another she stretches her butt to the camera, puts her hand on it and squeezes her lips. Last night was amazing. Congratulations @davidbeckham, she is writing and there are three red hearts behind it. Only the penultimate photo of his publication shows the whole family of his relatives at the premiere.

Nicola Peltz Beckham receives criticism for dubious publication

This fact also makes it uncomfortable for social media users. Funny selection and arrangement of photos to congratulate your father-in-law, tells one of the approximately three million followers of Nicolas. Signed off. Sorry, super weird. Congratulations to Beckham, the legend. The rest of this post is unpleasant, another agreed. It’s hard to say who likes her more, herself or Brooklyn, joking another user. You set up a camera to take sexy photos with your husband, to congratulate his father, that’s another opinion. One trailer summarizes: terrible and tasteless pictures.

One of the few positive comments on her post comes from her husband Brooklyn. My everything, he wrote. Since her marriage to the daughter of billionaires, there have been rumors of a quarrel between her and her mother Victoria Beckham. The trigger would have been a dispute over the Nicolas wedding dress, which was originally supposed to be provided by the fashion designer studio. There was no sign of the alleged tension between the two women on the red carpet on Tuesday night. However, neither David nor Victoria Beckham have yet responded to Nicolas’ publication.

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