Sugababes have not lost their strength after more than 20 years

The legendary British pop group Sugababes is making a big comeback. While the trio rocked 02 in London last weekend, they are now back in the Netherlands with two shows at the pop temple Paradiso. And the interest in the girl group does not seem to have disappeared.

Journey into the past

Upon arrival, there was a queue around the corner of Paradiso: a ram full of people in their twenties and thirties who grew up listening to the group’s hits. The debut single ‘Overload’ dates back to 1998 and after some changes in the composition of the group, they are here tonight with the original line-up: Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan. The first notes of ‘Push the Button’ sound and the audience goes completely crazy.

What follows is a journey into the past and a few things stand out. Yes, they have aged a little, but they have not diminished in energy and strength. On a journey through hits such as ‘Hole in the Head’, ‘Ugly’, ‘Round Round’ and ‘About You Now’, they shine as in their heyday with compact Choreographies and lyrics that are sung word for word.

The new work is also picking up speed

” The three of us have been fighting for 10 years to get our name back, and thanks to them we are here again,” Siobhan tells Flatline. Since they were allowed to continue as Sugababes in the original line-up, they released an album last year and recently a new single ‘When the Rain Comes’. And with this song you notice how much fun they have on stage and how harmonious their singing sounds.

The chilling moment

The chilling moment comes with ‘Stronger’, where reef queen Keisha uses the last 45 seconds to show that she can still do everything the way she did 21 years ago. Was there really no downside? “Wow, this reviewer is also not critical,” one might think. Well, the show lasted about 1: 15, not for long. But the best things in life often don’t last long, right?

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