Suit + sneaker: Athina Economou has the perfect proposal for autumn looks

We officially left the summer behind, and this means that this time is devoted to the” construction ” of a full-fledged autumn wardrobe. Athina Oikonomakou helps us with what we should put in our wardrobe this season .

This season they always have an interest in clothes. It’s the time when we replace some summer wardrobes with autumnal ones and mix them into our autumn looks. For example, a stylish T-shirt is a must-have for the summer and autumn wardrobe, which can be worn in many different ways. Athina Economou also shows us a (stylish) way that focuses on this timeless piece of the wardrobe. The combination with two autumn must-haves creates the perfect autumn combination. But let’s take a closer look at the appearance of the actress.

Athina Oikonomakou combines her suit with a T-shirt and sneakers

With this look, Athina Oikonomakou reminds us of the importance of autumn must-haves in our wardrobe. Based on timeless pieces that can be worn regardless of trends and offer a practical wardrobe, the actress has created an ultra-autumnal ensemble that inspires. Use not 1, not 2, but 3 essential elements for the autumn wardrobe, your ensemble is the epitome of autumn fashion.

More precisely, on a trip to Paris, Athina Oikonomakou gave in to the effortless elegance of a suit. In beige, she combined her tailored outfit with a black T-shirt with graphic print and black sneakers for an unpretentious effect. Complete the look with a pair of earrings and a vintage-style necklace, as well as a black leather bag.

What we like about the look and the change we would make

What we keep from the look that Athina Economakou made is the combination of a suit and sneakers. The severity that a suit exudes, a bit like getting” dirty ” with the casual mood that sports shoes have. The combination of these two styles is extremely elegant, even if the sneakers can be considered “rough”.

If we were to change something in the appearance of the actress, it would be the style of the sneakers she was wearing. A more elegant pair of sneakers (in terms of design), or even better, a pair of sports boots (hi-tops) would not be “lost” in the wide line of trousers, providing a more balanced result.

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