Tamara Falco: her exorbitant salary for the show ‘El Hormiguero’ is revealed

Tamara Falco has become one of the most sought-after faces on television. Whether as an employee, judge or competitor, the Marquise of Grinon is one of the great attractions of the programs of the last season. Now, after her participation in Masterchef Celebrity, where she won the grand prize, and her time as a juror in El Desafio Elimo , where she spent a season, the Marquesa is one of the regular collaborators at the meetings of El Hormiguero, where she reveals dozens details of her life that show us her most natural side.

But the expectation that she generates and the headlines that arise around her mean that having her in the programs is not easy or cheap, and now we have been able to know how much money Tamara Falco charges for each of the appearances he makes in the Encounters with Pablo Motos program. An opening in the grate to which it is attached.

The representative of Susana Urribarri would have negotiated her salary well, and as it was noted 20 minutes two years ago, the Marquise would not sign a contract under 2, 500, an amount that, according to ABC, would be the same as the amount she charges for each of her appearances on the Antena 3 program. So the bill at the end of the month would be between 10,000 and 12,500, since it comes once a week. For each program in which she was a judge of El Desafio Elimio, according to 20minutos, a little more would have been earned, which did not reveal the exact number.

Tamara Falco: her exorbitant salary for the show 'El Hormiguero' is revealed

Although high, this amount is far from what he signed as a candidate at the famous cooking competition. According to RTVE, Tamara would have earned about 15.000 per installment during her time at Masterchef Celebrity, plus the 100.000 prize and another 100.000 as a clause not to reveal the winner, which according to El Mundo all participants will receive.

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