Tamara Falco reveals the sign that she feels that her father was present at her wedding with Inigo Onieva

It was already known that the Marquise de Grinon had chosen wines from her father’s winery for the wedding, but not her determination that the glasses in which they were served were special. There was a compelling reason, an anecdote that she had experienced with her father.

Two months after her wedding to Inigo Onieva, Tamara Falco continues to reveal unpublished details of one of the most special days of her life . She already told Joaquin Sanchez in ‘El Novato’ that she ran out of bridal shoes a few days before the wedding because the mail truck burned down with them. Now she has told an anecdote that she lived with her father during her sister Xandra’s wedding, which took place on May 20th. March 2020 died of Covid, and that makes you think that the former Marquis of Grinon was very present on an unforgettable day for you and your loved ones.

The Marquise of Grinon has shared a post on Instagram in which she confesses to believing in signs and reveals why she feels that her father was with her at her wedding. One of the most important details of the menu was the wine, an element that represented my father. That’s why we serve the triple-A wine dedicated to his daughters Xandra, Alejandra, Aldara and Tamara . We also serve my sister’s rose wine, you have to try it because it’s wonderful! Begins to explain to Tamara that after the wedding she settled with her husband in her mother’s house.

Her father really appreciated wine, but also the glasses in which it was served, and Tamara saw this firsthand at the wedding of her sister Xandra. I remembered an anecdote from my family. At Xandra’s wedding, my father decided to change all the wine glasses because he didn’t like them and emphasized to us how important it is to drink from a good glass. His friend Jordi Segura gave us all his great Riedel pieces for the celebration in our honor. ‘I firmly believe in signs and that was all the more the reason why my father was super present,’ says Isabel Preysler’s daughter.

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