Taylor Swift and Google Send Their Fans Searching for Their Unreleased Songs

Pop star Taylor Swift teamed up with Google before re-recording her upcoming album 1989 (Taylor’s Version), inviting fans to write their name in the “empty space” of the search engine.

The 33-year-old American artist is known for giving advice and leaving Easter eggs in her posts on the Internet and in various accessories. This collaboration with Google, launched on Wednesday, presents 89 puzzles for its fans.

They take the form of simple wordplay, and the answers relate to various motifs from the Swiftie tradition, such as the golf club that appears in the music video for Blank Space (2014), and the singer’s favorite number, 13.

Fans can solve each of the 89 puzzles once. It is expected that the total number of solved puzzles will reach 33 million to unlock a video message from Swift, which will feature “tracks from the repository” of the upcoming album, which will be released on October 27.

These are the songs that Swift has locked away in his song vault over the years.

For fun, launch the Google search engine and type “Taylor Swift”.

On the results page, find a small cartoon storage in the corner of the screen. It may not appear right away, so be patient. Many fans reported crashes and delays, probably due to high attendance.

Taylor Swift and Google Send Their Fans Searching for Their Unreleased Songs
Click on the cartoon vault to solve the puzzle and send your answer in the search bar. You will be asked to try another puzzle.

The 1989 album, originally released in 2014, marked Swift’s transition from a country star to a true pop star. It has sold over 10 million copies worldwide and won the prestigious Album of the Year award at the 2016 Grammy Awards.

Swift began re-recording her first albums in response to a long-running dispute with her former label Big Machine and music director Scooter Braun over the masters’ rights to some of her biggest hits.

She previously released recordings of “Taylor’s Version” from three other albums: Fearless 2008 in April 2021, Red 2012 in November 2021 and Speak Now 2010 in July 2023.

The singer will travel to Singapore in March 2024 for six sold-out performances at the National Stadium as part of her the Eras Tour.

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