Taylor Swift Effect: Miss Americana Is Turning Travis Kelce into America’s Love

Travis Kelce was already a football star, but after being linked to Taylor Swift, he is now in a completely different orbit.

Travis Kelce’ introduction to the Taylor Swift effect came the day after his surprise appearance at Arrowhead Stadium just over a week ago.

There was a swarm of paparazzi hiding near his house, he recently talked about the Kansas City Chiefs tight end in an episode of his podcast.

How do you know it’s paparazzi? his brother and podcast co-host Jason Kelce asked.

They have a camera in their hands and they’re shouting my name, Travis Kelce joked. That’s how I know that.

Kelce has long been one of the NFL’s most famous stars, a two-time Super Bowl champion with a promising claim that he is the best of all time in his position, and also has charisma and comedic abilities that allow him to stay in the spotlight after football. In 2016, she starred in E! An entertainment dating program called Catching Kelce. This year she hosted Saturday Night Live and showed off her TV smile in several commercials.

And yet the clash between America’s most popular sports league and the most famous pop star brought Kelsey to a new level of fame. He has gone from American football to famous to famous since Swift made public her obvious interest in him.

Eight days ago, Swift sparked rumors that she and Kelsey were dating by watching him play live in a red and white suit from a glassed-in suite next to his mother and then leaving Arrowhead Stadium next to her. Swift then reappeared Sunday night, joining her first-class friends Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds and Sophie Turner at MetLife Stadium for the Chiefs’ 23-20 victory over the New York Jets.

No one is sure how serious Swift and Kelce are as a couple-or even if they are a couple-but what is clear is that they have stirred up America. Their alleged affair has been the subject of press for a variety of media outlets, from the New York Times to Us Weekly and ESPN. Even New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick chimed in and jokingly called Swift the biggest catch of Kelce’ career.

Swift’s global obsession with her personal life has helped Kelsey gain almost 1 million Instagram followers over the past week. Among them, apparently, is Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran, who last week commented on one of Kelce’ posts: I’m your biggest fan [since Sunday].

Sales of Kelce T-shirts increased by 400% after the first appearance of Swift. The Chiefs’ television match ratings have also skyrocketed. Kelce’ name was for a short time the most popular phrase on Google, and her podcast for several days occupied the first place in the general Apple charts.

Travis Kelce was already a football star, but after the connection with Taylor Swift, he is now in a completely different orbit, Beth Booker, founder of Gracie PR, told Yahoo Sports. Miss Americana makes Travis Kelce America’s love.

The Power of Taylor Swift

The connection between Swift and Kelce probably dates back to her failed attempt to appear in early July, when her landmark tour was passing through Kansas City. Following the tradition that fans exchange friendship bracelets at Swift’s concerts, Kelce hoped to give her the one he made especially for her.

I wanted to give Taylor Swift one with my number, she told her brother in the July issue of her podcast.

Like in ’87 or by your phone number, Jason Kelce asked.

You know who? Travis replied with a cheeky smile.

Swift may not have received the bracelet, but apparently found out about Kelce’ statement of interest. In mid-September, it was reported that Swift and Kelsey were hanging out peacefully.

A week later, Kelce’ older brother fueled the rumors with his response to a Philadelphia radio host who asked how the alleged couple was doing. At first, Jason told 94WIP Morning Show that, in his opinion, all the rumors were 100% true. Jason then quickly insisted that he was just joking and that he didn’t really know what was going on.

The rumors became reality just over a week ago when the Chiefs welcomed the Chicago Bears. Fox cameras captured footage of Swift, wearing a Chiefs zip-up windbreaker, chatting with Kelce’s mother, cheering for tight end during the game, screaming and beating his chest after catching a touchdown pass in the second half.

We immediately realized that this broadcast would stand out not so much because of the coverage of the game, but because of the footage we shot about a real pop superstar,” Richie Zaionz, Fox’s lead producer in the NFL, wrote last week.

Swift and Kelsey’s first joint music video was shot on the iPhone of the son of Chicago Bears legend Walter Payton. A security guard stopped Jarrett Payton outside the Chiefs locker room an hour after the game when a sports reporter and a WGN anchor were trying to find an exit from Arrowhead Stadium. Payton was smart enough to get her phone out and start filming when she saw Kelsey’s friends and family walking by and heard conversations and laughter around the corner.

Payton called his wife on the way to the parking lot and told her: I think I have something important.

When she arrived at her hotel room in Kansas City, a flood of comments and messages confirmed her suspicions.

More than 16 million people watched the four-second video in which Payton talks about Kelsey and a smiling Swift walking side by side down the aisle of Arrowhead Stadium. Payton said she has since received hundreds of interview requests from media outlets from around the world.

That’s Taylor Swift’s strength, Payton said.

I did it to myself

The co-host of a popular podcast on Taylor Swift admits that not all fans of the pop star are as well versed in football as she is.

Before that, I’d say about 10% knew who Travis Kelce was,” says Nick Adams, co-founder of 13: Taylor Swift Fan Podcast.

The scenes of Swift’s unexpected appearance in Kansas City sent curious fans into a Google hole. Swiftis studied Kelsey’s background and dating history with the tenacity of a private investigator.

They found that Kelsey was more outgoing than many of Swift’s exes. How many of Swift’s previous fans have ever taught a participant in an NBA all- star game to drink beer? Or swim in Las Vegas nightclubs with a six-liter bottle of champagne?

According to Adams, this is a guy who likes to be the center of attention of the party, and she has never met someone like that.

Many Swifties also appreciated how enthusiastically Swift played during the game and how carefree and happy she looked next to him. They liked that she scored all five points and hit her chest in the field of view of the TV cameras, and that she was comfortable riding in the passenger seat of Kelsey’s convertible with the top down and without any safety equipment.In sight.

I really like this joy for her,” said Ginny Lowe, whose Swift-themed TikTok account has almost 300,000 subscribers. I think it says a lot that she decided to go to the game in such a public way and that she seemed to be having a great time being there.

Kels became even more sympathetic to Swifties last Wednesday when she broke her silence about her personal life, which is not that personal. When her brother asked on his podcast what it felt like to have Swift put him on the map, Travis Kelce laughed and told her: It was definitely a game I’ll remember, that’s for sure.

I thought it was amazing how everyone in the suite could only say wonderful things about her,” Kelce continued. You know, friends and family. She looked amazing. Everyone spoke very well about her.

Moving forward, Kelce has made it clear that he intends to focus the podcast on football. He told his brother: In fact, this is my personal life, and I want to respect the lives of both of you.

According to Booker, the playful but respectful tone was exactly the tone that Kelce could strike. The Gracie PR founder said Kelce gave listeners the recognition they wanted, but didn’t do it as if he was using her as a prop for his show.

Kelsey may have finished dealing with her alleged affair with Swift, but the NFL clearly hasn’t. The league is leaning towards this story as a way to attract viewers who otherwise wouldn’t tune in to watch football on Sundays.

Before the game on Sunday night, the NFL biography on Instagram said: 1/10/23. Taylor is back. After that, the league team announced on social networks: The Chiefs are leading 2-0 as fast.

The NBC broadcast of the game took place in a similar tone, focused on Swift. It all started with Carson Daly releasing a series of Swift puns and song titles to present the Chiefs-Jets game in context for viewers unfamiliar with football. The game itself featured more than a dozen excerpts from Swift in the set, two commercials dedicated to the upcoming film “A Tour of the Eras of Swift”, and a couple more commercials featuring Kelsey in them.

Swift’s most memorable shots were taken in the second half, after the Jets recovered from a 17-0 loss. Hugging Kelsey’s mother, Swift smiles and seems to say: I do not know how you do it.

Kelce and Swift left MetLife Stadium separately on Sunday night, the pop star in the car with his friends and tight end with his team. It must have been a grueling week for Kelsey, but she knows that the intense media attention is accompanied by the appearance of a next-level celebrity.

As he told his brother in his podcast last Wednesday: I did this to myself, Jason. I know it.

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