Taylor Swift’s Eras movie has Already recouped its $20 million budget Before it hits theaters

Taylor is accompanying her Eras tour with a feature film that is already on its way to comparable financial success, as the film has already recouped its $20 million budget before it even hits theaters. Taylor Swift: The epochal tour has apparently achieved ticket sales that exceeded production costs weeks before its theatrical release.

It was reported that the creation of the film is estimated at a cost of $ 10-20 million. It remains unclear whether this budget covers only the filming of the film during its performances in Los Angeles or extends to covering expenses related to marketing, sales and other related costs.

The film had an unprecedented success during the first pre-sale ticket release by AMC.

According to a report from Variety, AMC revealed that the film grossed an impressive $26 million in ticket sales in the first three hours of the pre-sale window. This means that Taylor was able to recoup the cost of producing the documentary in just a fraction of a day – an impressive feat.

In addition, the film achieved impressive pre-sales of $ 37 million in the first 24 hours. This figure may well exceed the budget of the film by three times, especially if the production costs are at the lower end of the estimated range.

Based on industry forecasts, Taylor Swift: the Eras Tour has the potential to become one of the most successful films of the year due to its opening weekend performance alone, as it could earn an impressive $ 100 million or even more in the first days after its release.

This would be appropriate considering that Taylor’s Eras tour has become groundbreaking as she is well on her way to making over $1 billion in profits. The singer attached importance to giving back to the staff who made the tour possible, as she recently distributed $ 55 million in bonuses after the completion of the North American leg of the tour.

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The huge bonus was divided among everyone who worked on the tour, including dancers, sound engineers, catering staff and many others. Only the tour truckers received individual bonuses of $ 100,000. With 50 truckers actively working for the tour, their combined bonuses added up to more than $ 5 million.

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