Telecinco removes GH VIP 8 from its range for a great exclusivity

The followers of GH VIP 8 have some news today that they will not like to start the week. Telecinco has decided to completely change its schedule for Monday, October 9, and has decided to remove GH VIP 8 and the new episode of LA that surrounds it from the schedule.

A great exclusive code 10 this Monday on Telecinco . With this short phrase, the main network Mediaset advertised the special program code 10, which led to the fact that on Monday evening it changed all its programming. It is a good idea that you will not miss, because you will not have anything to talk about , Nacho Abad announces and plays to raise expectations. The exclusive about the case that everyone has been talking about in recent months seems to be about Daniel Sancho.We have the key testimony of the case that has been talked about the most in recent months, says David Alemann, keeping the secret.

Without GH VIP 8, this is the Telecincos schedule for Monday, October 9th

The exclusive that prompted Telecinco to cancel not only GH VIP. The program that replaces Cuentos Chinos since last Monday, but also a new chapter of LA that surrounds . Code 10 will be broadcast tomorrow at 10: 00, but it will also maintain its regular broadcast of the program on Cuatro, so viewers will also be able to enjoy a new broadcast on Tuesday evening

While the exact details of the interview remain a mystery, there is speculation that the exclusive could be related to the Daniel Sancho case or the Luis Rubiales case . Nacho Abad warns viewers: they should not lose, because they have nothing to talk about. The Code 10 special from Telecinco promises to become a television event that will attract the attention of the public.

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