Tension between Vicky Martin Berrocal and Laura Sanchez in TardeAR

This Tuesday, October 17, the program discussed everything that some people suffer from fat phobia, and the staff had different opinions.

Maximum tension between Vicky Martin Berrocal and Laura Sanchez in TardeAR. This Tuesday, October 17th, the program discussed everything that some people suffer from ‘fatphobia’. Some people are discriminated against when they go to the doctor because there are health professionals who attribute problems or illnesses to being overweight and lack of exercise.

The designer is quite affected by this problem, since she was diagnosed with obesity. I thought I was 97 kilos and when I went to the doctor, he diagnosed me with obesity. And getting from obesity to overweight cost me a lot. Now I’m fine, I’ve lost 27 kilograms in three years and I know it. I did not suffer from this, because I probably am, but there are women who write to me who do not know what to do . People who even in their own homes point to a mother who tells them how fat they are.

Laura Sanchez also participated in the program as a collaborator and was asked by Ana Rosa Quintana how she was treated with the weight problem in the modeling world. I have a normal size, the model began to say, and Vicky interrupted her. She says she has a normal size, she is 1.80 and she is a 36-38, which is a normal size for you. For me, a normal size is a 40, and she would be a little upset: no, it’s just that I get very nervous because they don’t have a normal size.

His companions tried to prevent the blood from reaching the river, but to no avail. What am I, freak? In fashion, there have been norms and measures all my life. I am 1.80 tall, weigh 58 kilos and eat very well for my health. I have good genetics and I do sports every day. days when I can. But now we have the opportunity to extend fashion to all female canons.

A curvy model is not worth it, she is a model, the model protested, and the designer replied: You do not have a regular size, my dear. Do not say that a normal size is 36 and 34. Then the ladies who are at home will look in the mirror and will never like themselves. That’s the problem. Laura did not agree with this and asked to distinguish fashion from a fashion show where you watch a show, and the program went into advertising without resolving this debate.

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