Terelu Campos returns to television in deep mourning and remembers his mother Maria Teresa Campos

Terelu Campos made her debut on TV today in the TVE program ‘La Plaza de la 1’. The daughter of Maria Teresa Campos returns to work after saying goodbye to her mother and in the house where she was born as a communicator.

Jordi Gonzalez, presenter of the program, spoke to the guest on the afternoon of this Wednesday, September 27, and Terelu Campos told, as never before, how difficult the last year was due to his mother’s illness.

Throughout the interview, the presenter had a broken voice, she spent very little on saying goodbye to her mother, and now it’s time to return to a normality that costs her a lot. Still in deep grief, the woman from Malaga told Jordi Gonzalez about her mother’s last moments.

“My mother’s life has stopped. This clear mind… The disease consumed her. My mother was a very small person at the end of the day, very spent, ” mother Alejandra Rubio began.

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Work”. Although she remained active with these nostalgic memories of television, Terelu Jordi Gonzalez confessed that her mother’s illness was very difficult for the whole family: “The last eleven months have been terrible because at some point… If I had a crisis, she would call you the next day and say, ‘Something happened to me yesterday, right?’. Given this question, it is very difficult to justify why this did not cause fear in her.”

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