The Burial: summary, cast and what you should know about the new Prime Video movie

Two Oscar winners, Tommy Lee Jones and Jamie Foxx, have teamed up for Burial, the new Prime Video movie that will be available on the streaming platform starting this Friday, October 13, and we tell you what you need to know, such as the compilation, the cast and whether it is a true story, among other things.

What’s on Prime Video at The Burial? The story follows Jeremiah O’keefe, who is a pillar in his community and owns a funeral home. To avoid bankruptcy, he agrees to sell part of his business to a conglomerate , but if his contract is not properly executed, he concludes to sue and hire Willie E. Gary, a charismatic personal injury lawyer with a track record of million-dollar judgments.

Willie initially has no interest in taking on a contract law case until another lawyer convinces him that his case can be profitable and groundbreaking. Without wasting time, Willie demands $ 100 million from Leuven, but this company hires the defender Mame Downes.

The litigation alternately raises the stakes, but outside the courtroom, Jerry and Willie find common ground and mutual respect, which turns the outcome of the trial into more than just money.

Is The Burial in Prime Video based on a true story?

According to information from Prime Video, the film is inspired by real events and is based on an article of the same name published in the New York Times and written by Jonathan Harr, with a script co-written by Doug Wright and Maggie Betts, who also directs the film.

The original article appeared in the November 1, 1999 issue, so the film will be released almost 24 years later. The original story highlighted Willie and Jeremiah as individuals and focused on Jeremiah’s case against the Lion Group, which caught the screenwriter’s attention.

Wright noted that the article was extraordinary and fascinated him, because it is supposedly about The Burial industry, but in reality it is a story about the terrible racial guilt that has existed in the country since our original sin of slavery. . The article describes rare legal issues and, by and large, also examines the rift that runs through our culture .

Datari Turner, one of the producers, noted that he hoped that people would have fun with the feature film, but that they also understand why it is important not to judge a book by its cover: friends and allies can come in all different packages, so keep your mind to yourself. open your eyes, he observed.

The Burial: this is the occupation

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