The conversation between Michael and Albert Infante that made them explode in GH VIP 8: I feel humiliated

We cannot continue the friendship we had, Albert Infante said to Michael Terlizzi yesterday after a dinner that we could see today.

Albert Infante and Michael Terlizzi are at the center of the hurricane in the VIP house of Big Brother . After the artist chose a dinner for two as a prize and chose the Italian for pastime, everything exploded. And Alberto asked his ‘friend’ if what Avil9 said about his feelings for Noemi was true , and when the model confessed that he liked the former contestant on Temptation Island physically, the Catalan could not help but feel hurt. Therefore, we can not continue the friendship that we had. I can’t continue to be your friends like this when you have a girlfriend, he revealed and showed that he actually had feelings for Michael.

“I’ve told you many times that I can’t give you what you want from me, I can’t give you more,” Michael said at dinner, asking her what he needed to do to make her relax. I’m not asking for more. “I’m telling you, maybe you thought we could have something good,” Albert explained. ” I can no longer be a special friend to you.” Faced with this situation, the artist suffered a panic attack, which led to the fact that the Italian had to pick him up to get him out of dinner and take him to the confessional.

Life is as it is, Albert assured in the confessional, where he revealed that now that a new person is entering, he is running out of time and he is going after someone else. I’m an idiot, I feel humiliated, I want to leave, he shouted, while the Italian could hear him on the other side of the door, very hurt by the situation. When he left, it was Michael who entered, and Albert went straight to the room.

While Albert was lying in bed surrounded by Laura Bozzo and Carmen Alcayde, Michael Super assured: if I am a good friend, I have to end the friendship with him… he always denied me all this, I’m a good person, a calm person, I just wanted to have a calm friendship. Great, give me some advice. After that, it was Laura Bozzo who came to the confessional and exploded against Michael, although she finally made peace with the Italian, who collapsed hugging.

The earthquake continues in the chamber

For 24 hours, the problem continued to create waves and aftershocks in the house. Avil9 first thought that Michael was joking with Albert, and then reconsidered when he learned that the whole house denied to Michael that Albert had feelings for him. Now that the water has calmed down, Laura Bozzo was in charge of stoking the fire the following night, hours before calling Lara Elimlvarez. A meeting, after which Michael and Albert talked for the first time after dinner. I’m not in love with you, we had something that could have confused me, but I’m not in love, she explained.

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