The Dukes of Huescar celebrate the baptism of their daughter Sofia in Seville

The second daughter of Fernando Fitz James Stuart and Sofia Palazuelo received baptismal water this afternoon in the Andalusian capital.

This Saturday, October 7, Sofia Palazuelo and Fernando Fitz-James Stuart celebrated the baptism of Sofia, their second daughter. The Dukes of Huescar landed at about 7: 30 a.m. in the parish of San Roman in the old town of the Andalusian capital. The girl arrived in her mother’s arms, wearing the same baptismal skirt that her sister Rosario wore in 2021 and her father, the Duke of Huescar, at her baptism.

After the religious ceremony and continuing the tradition, Fernando and Sofia Palazuelo took Sofia to the Shrine of the Gypsies to introduce her to the Jesus of Health and the Virgin of Sorrows. This is a very special place for the Albas, because it is here that the remains of the remembered and beloved Duchess of Alba rest.

Following all these traditions, the whole family moved to the Palacio de Duque, where they offered all their guests a dinner, during which they enjoyed the delights of the Mediterranean diet.

The whole family consisted of the Dukes of Huescar with their two daughters, Rosario and Sofia, and the proud Duke of Alba, who was very attentive to little Sofia, loved her and looked at her sweetly while she was in her arms. happy mom. While little Rosario was already walking with her own foot between her parents’ legs.

The expectation was maximum after the last statements of Cayetano Martinez de Irujo about his bad relationship with his brothers, which made it clear that the only one with whom he had a relationship was Fernando. However, both left their worries behind and attended the baptism of their niece’s daughter.

Cayetano Martinez de Irujo arrived accompanied by his girlfriend Barbara Mirjan. Both posed very smiling at the doors of the church.

Also, Eugenia Martinez de Irujo did not disappear, who came with the inseparable company of her husband Narcis Rebollo.

The Dukes of Huescar celebrate the baptism of their daughter Sofia in Seville

Fernando Martinez and Irujo, who came alone, were also present at this family event.

The presence of Alfonso Diez, who maintains a very good relationship with Cayetana’s family after his departure, also attracted attention.

We were also able to see the future parents Carlos Fitz James Stuart and Solis and Belen Corsini, who will welcome their first child next spring.

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