The Elfingrove Christmas event in Glasgow has been cancelled this year due to the cost of living crisis

The famous Elfingrove Christmas event in Glasgow has been cancelled due to the cost of living crisis. The event, where a large rink has occupied Kelvingrove’s art gallery and museum for weeks of Christmas fun every year for several years, was “put on hold.”

However, the organizers said that it was “not pleasant” for them to raise prices due to the cost of living crisis, so the event will not take place.

Itison CEO and founder of Elfingrove, Oli Norman, said: ” Over the past week, a lot of people have come forward and asked about our plans for Elfingrove. Today we share the news that we are going to put Elfingrove on hold for Christmas, which is ahead of us.

A few years ago we made a huge investment in infrastructure to create the UK’s largest and most exciting ice rink, with a bespoke design inspired by the ice rinks I saw during my visit to the phenomenal ice world in Vienna.

“Over the past two years, hundreds of thousands of people have joined us on the Elfingrove runway, which is set against the spectacular backdrop of the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, which looked like a scene from a Christmas movie.

“It was amazing to see how our vision came to life and set the standard for a Christmas experience in Glasgow that can compete with the Rockefeller Center in New York – I am very proud of our team that carried out an event of this scale and scale.

“Temporary large-scale events naturally require huge investments, and in this year’s feasibility planning, we were hit by inflation and skyrocketing prices throughout the supply chain, which would have required huge price increases to stack the event.

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“We didn’t feel comfortable passing on these increases to our customers and that’s why we’ve decided to put this year’s Elfingrove on hold while we work on an even more magical new event that will take Glasgow’s Christmas offering to the next level.”

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