The Equalizer 3 will be released digitally in October

Equalizer 3 has an online release date, as the action-packed trio with Denzel Washington continues its solid run in theaters.

Depending on when to stream, the Equalizer 3 will be available for purchase via digital and Video On Demand (VOD) on October 3rd. Fans of the summer blockbuster can now pre-order the film on Amazon for $ 24.99 ahead of its upcoming online release, which will take place just 32 days after its theatrical debut.

With Washington as a former marine turned vigilante Robert McCall, The Equalizer 3 has had a respectable run since its September release.1 premiere, with the Sony Pictures title grossing $148.7 million, on a budget of $70 million so far. Directed by Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, The Equalizer 3 received the most positive feedback of all the films in the trilogy, with a critical rating of 75% and an audience rating of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, praising its entertainment value and action sequences.

Equalizer 3 shows McCall enjoying life in southern Italy and meeting new friends along the way, although he soon realizes that these friends are controlled by the Sicilian mafia. As a result, McCall takes on the mafia at home to protect his new companions and preserve the stable life he has enjoyed since moving to Italy. The film is expected to be the last in the Equalizer franchise, the only one that Washington was involved in, although Fuqua has left the door open for a fourth episode when Washington returns.

The Equalizer 3 shows a reunion with a man on fire

Washington reunited with co-star Dakota Fanning in The Equalizer 3, the first time the two have shared a screen since Man on Fire in 2004. They appear in the film alongside David Denman, Eugenio Mastrandrea and Sonia Ben Ammar. Time will tell whether the trio will achieve the box office success of its predecessors, as the eponymous original from 2014 and The Equalizer 2 from 2018 brought in $ 192.3 million and $ 190.4 million respectively during their film screenings.

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The Equalizer franchise is based on the CBS series of the same name, which became popular in the 80s, although Fuqua has denied any connection between his film franchise and the rebooted show, which has been running for three seasons since 2021. Fuqua also talked about the potential for a prequel movie based on the Equalizer trilogy and starring Washington’s son John David.

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