The Festival Ruhr unveils new bands for 2024! Next to Nina Chuba comes a real legend

The Festival Ruhr announced new bands for the 15th Silvermoon will open in 2024 and then the fireworks will break out.

At the beginning of September, the Festival Ruhr 2023 ended with Trettmann’s performance. It was the last of 42 shows on 17 festival days at Lake Kemnader in Witten / Bochum. A few days later, the organizers announced who will open the ruhrzelt festival in 2024.

It is no less a group than Silver Moon. On October 6, the organizers revealed the next editions. It is already clear: the ruhrzeltfest 2024 is threatening to become fireworks again.

Festival Ruhr 2024: these bands are at the beginning

“The best of German rap, pop, indie rock, reggae and comedy” is the promise of the organizers for the first wave of the 15th. In fact, there should be something for everyone. For example, you can expect the “Queen of rap”. Nina Chuba invites everyone to dance in the city of White tents in August 2024 and take a “Wildberry Lillet”. The newcomer of the Year 2022 extends her sold-out tour 2023/2024 by another show.

Picture books also promise a catchy melody. The Austrian band will give the festival an extravagant glamour from the very beginning with their mixture of r & B and hip-hop genre, psychedelic soul and art-pop. Gentleman has less gender mixing, but an absolute legendary status. After a music career lasting three decades, the internationally renowned reggae star from Cologne is going on tour with his new album “Mad World” and will also be honored at the ruhrzelt festival.

Here are the dates of the ruhrzelt festival 2024 (from October 6, 2023)

  • 16.08.24 Silver Moon
  • 16/08/24 Isabelle de Lange
  • 17.08.24 Picture book
  • 17.08.24 Rosin Volker
  • 18.08.24 Rosin Volker
  • 22/08/24 Jean-Claude Weiss
  • 23.08.24 Gentleman
  • 24/08/24 Nina Chuba wrote:
  • On 27.08.24 by Torsten Sträter
  • 27.08.24 Gerbourg Jahnke
  • On 28.08.24 by Torsten Sträter
  • 28.08.24 Gerbourg Jahnke
  • 28.08.24 Jochen Malmsheimer

Comedy stars and successes for the little ones

In addition to the songwriter Wincent Weiss and the country-pop singer Ilse de Lange, the little ones can also look forward to him: as in the last issue, Volker Rosin is filling the tents with his children’s hits again.

If you don’t want to shake a leg and would rather let your laughter muscles bleed, you will receive tickets for the shows of Torsten Sträter, Gerburg Jahnke or Jochen Malmsheimer. Tickets are now available at all known ticket counters or by calling the ticket hotline 0234 96292 22.

Attention: according to the organizer, the Silbermond fair is almost sold out. If you want to be there, you should hurry up.

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