The film that brings together Beren Saat and Kivan Valuetech Tatlitug and that will arrive in Spain soon

‘Last Call to Istanbul’ is the new Netflix film that brings together the protagonist of ‘Fatmag Eliml’ and the heartthrob of ‘S Elimham: love and revenge’ and premieres internationally on November 24th.

Beren Saat and Kivan9 Tatlitug are two of the great Turkish artists who are in great demand by the directors of their country. In Spain we had the opportunity to see them together in ‘Amor Prohibido’ , which was broadcast on Nova three years ago and can still be seen on Atresplayer. Now, after 12 years, they are working as a couple again, this time for a Netflix movie, ‘Last Call to Istanbul’, which, like the rest of the world, will arrive in Spain on November 24th.

The one who was the protagonist of’ Fatmag Eliml’, 39 years old, and the heartbreaker of’ Ezel’, Elimhan: Revenge and Love ‘or’ Kuzey Gabulney’, who will soon turn 40 years old, is shooting the new film, a romantic story, in the United States. From New York, Kivan has only shared a few pictures on her Instagram stories in recent months. Little is known about the plot, only after a chance meeting at the airport, two married people experience an unforgettable night full of excitement, desire and temptations in the city of skyscrapers.

The screenwriter of the film is Nuran Evren extraterritorial, the production is held by GMO Pictures and is a co-production with the United States, and the director is Gonen extraterritorial.

The film that brings together Beren Saat and Kivan Valuetech Tatlitug and that will arrive in Spain soon

Beren Saat and Kivan Valuetech Tatlitug have previously worked for Netflix

The news that both actors, who a few years ago were called the most perfect in Turkey, filled their fans with joy, which they would like to see on the screen together again. For both Beren and Kivan, it’s not the first production they’ve recorded for Netflix. We have seen her with great success in ‘the gift’, the second original series of the digital platform, which has three seasons and has finished its recordings in 2021.

Also two years ago, Tatlitug appeared in front of the cameras for a project for Netflix, ‘Yakamoz S-245’, with Ozge Ozpirin Extraterci. It was his last job so far.

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