The first kiss of Zeus Montiel and Susana Bianca in ‘ GH VIP 8

It seems that love triumphs in the house of Guadalix. If this Tuesday, October 10, we saw how Pilar and Luitingo took another step in their relationship and starred in a kiss between the sheets while their companions were sleeping, now other members of ‘GH VIP 8′ have also given free rein to their love.

They were able to see what had happened to Pilar and Luitingo and told it themselves to the other residents of the house. After having a conversation to tell Luitingo about what had happened, they both went to the terrace where Jessica and Susana were, and it was Pilar who encouraged Luitingo to tell what had happened, and her companions could not help but be surprised. He kisses like me, the same way.

Now the focus is on another couple in the house. Zeus and Susanna went yes and yes and no and finally made a big step. A few days ago, Susana was not clear about her feelings for her and she was sure that she did not want to hurt Zeus’ feelings. The days passed and both came closer and since it could not happen otherwise, they gave free rein to their passion.

Zeus confirmed to Susana that he is falling in love with her, but did not dare to dive into it, because he knew that she had been overwhelmed lately. Finally, they enjoyed a moment alone and kissed passionately. After Susana Bianca’s kiss, she whispered to him that I love you.

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