The first photo of comedian Manu Sanchez after completing chemotherapy

The comedian announced in May that he was suffering from testicular cancer, and after focusing on his treatment, Manu happily showed the result of his fight.

Manu Sanchez showed his first photo after he announced that he was suffering from cancer. Last spring, the well-known comedian announced his diagnosis through his social networks . After we put ourselves in the worst for a while, while they say what the surname is, where, how, where it comes from… Well, you’re getting into the worst of it; that’s inevitable.

Despite his anxiety, he wanted to be optimistic. ‘I have things that are much stronger than fear and they eat them with potatoes,’ the comedian wrote. Last August, Manu also published on his social networks that he had finished his treatment, what a success. Today is a big day. The path is difficult, very difficult, but it’s worth it, he wrote on his social networks along with a video in which he rings the bell of dreams of the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

The first photo of comedian Manu Sanchez after completing chemotherapy

Now he has returned to express himself on his networks, to thank the woman in his life who has never let go of his hand for his support. The one who never fails. I love you, I need you and boy, I love you. Thank you for not letting me go! Happy now that the goal is close. For this and for much more… Now more than ever… Your., the comedian wrote in a photo in which he can be seen with his fiancee and mother of his two children, Lorena Sanchez. Congratulations Manu! And keep fighting for you and your beautiful family, who supports you so much.

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