The insightful message of Xenia Tostado in anticipation of the trial of Daniel Sancho

Rodolfo Sancho’s partner continues to endure the rain after the harsh confession of the actor’s son, who is imprisoned in Thailand after the death of surgeon Edwin Arrieta

The Daniel Sancho case is probably one of the most important cases in recent years, and although it is difficult to put himself in his shoes, his family and friends are having the worst time . In fact, we could see how his very tense father visited him in Koh Samui prison, where he is being held after confessing to killing Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta, and his mother was also completely decomposed during visits to her son. . His friends are also dismayed, and the last one who seems to have shown how he is going through it is Xenia Tostado, partner of his father Rodolfo Sancho.

The actress resists the downpour as best she can and supports her son in everything, and she can not help the fact that although Daniel is only her stepson, tension and pain touch her very strongly . That is why his last post on social networks was as revealing as it was unexpected, which he shared this Wednesday morning through the ‘stories’ of his Instagram account, in which you can see an illustration with a very clear message. The world is hurting me . And shortly after the last turn, she took over the defense of the young man .

This is not the first striking and significant message that Xenia publishes on her networks since the event that involved the Sancho family in controversies became known last August. In fact, just a few weeks ago, the interpreter published an empty photo without a message, which alone already said a lot, and a few days later she published another one, which was interpreted as progress, to try to continue her life as normally as possible. Xenia is also looking forward to new projects , and while her partner continues to fight for the defense of her son in Thailand, she is trying to continue her everyday life as best she can.

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